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The quantity of lcd tft manufacturer has been growing rapidly, and the export destinations also broadly spread in the entire world. As one of the most well-known products made in China, it has been widely marketed to a lot of foreign nations and appreciates long-term popularity all around the world due to its premium quality. Since China is more closely connected with the world, the export quantity of this product is growing, which entirely requires producers to develop and create better and more products to meet global customers.

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited has earned a good reputation for the manufacture of tft touch in China. We have been regarded as a reliable manufacturer. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of embedded display and other product series. oled display adopts the special processing technology, which can helps for its high performance of display oled. It comes with premium chemical and UV resistance. The product has the desired durability. It has passed the drop test to evaluate how well it can withstand impacts and pressure. It supports brands such as AUO, INNOLUX, CMI, and BOE.

We always regard science and technology as a core strength of business success. We will attach great importance to technological innovation and new product development, so as provide customers with more valued products.

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