Smart LCD/Total solution is a kind of  intelligent lcd display, serial HMI TFT LCD display, UART TFT display, with Clever System/ built-in control board with UART interface. This UART LCD module also available with Projected Capacitive Touch Panel (PCAP) option. 


Smart LCD Display is an easy access system for users to begin exploring the colorful display on their applications. The Series Modules are "all in one system" which has 2 user interfaces including UART and SPI interfaces; it supports backlight brightness adjust, PMW signal output and 4 switches button sensor. LCD Mall has already designed a TFT editing program for end users to design their software more easily.

Support Raspberry Pi.

There are many benefits of LCD Mall Smart TFT LCD Display for why customers should choose the Series, below are the key advantages –

1.Provide wide range size TFTs that absent in the market.
2. Character string commands, reduce debugging difficulty.
3. Objective-oriented controlling method. LCD Mall supports the commands not only to draw points or lines, but also to control most attributes of the components and materials.
4. Users can control the objects in a demo through serial port commands by external MCU even the demo has already been downloaded and demonstrated screen.
5. Fully functional software. 
Users can drag-and-drop any component in the editor to simplify their interface design.
Rich set of components. Many general elements in HMI design have been packed into controls. Users can evoke them directly.
Custom component. Users can design their own components to meet their demand.

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