TFT LCM with Touch, means TFT LCD module’s surface bonded together touchpanel, normally touchscreen have RTP (resistance touch) and CTP (P-cap touch / capacitive touch) types; 4wires RTP has good costing, but only support one point touch. Smaller than 10.1inch sizes always take 4wires resistance touch; 10.4inch, 12.1inch industrial application always take 5wires RTP product. CTP touch is more and more popular, because it can support multi-touch, five points and ten points, more sensitive touching, users will have good and happy feeling when touch the screen or products.

TFT LCD with touch together is a good solution for your project if you need touch function.

There two bonding ways for TFT LCM and touch assembly together.

One is double side tape bonding, DST bonding, the costing is lower, but LED backlight brightness’ transmittance is only 80%.

The other is optical bonding, LCD Mall will take OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) glue or water glue to bonding the LCD screen and touchscreen. The advantage is the assembly keep very firm, and brightness transmittance will be over 90%, but repair is very difficult.

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