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E-paper Display

EPD (Electronic Paper Display, e-paper) is a special type of display that does not need electricity to sustain the projected image. Just like real paper, the e-paper also does not require a backlight and the displayed image resembles ink on paper. The embedded e-paper display modules - also known as E-Ink Displays or electronic paper -are ideal for applications requiring minimal power consumption because the electrophoretic technology requires an extremely low consumption of power.  The e-paper displays take over the traditional way of updating information via printing and posting papers, they are the best choice for many industrial and consumer applications such as e- prices, weather stations, smart homes, modern timetables, interactive signs, badges, smartwatches.

Minimal energy requirements

Perfect readability in the sunlight

Unlimited viewing angles

Our ePaper display inventory is growing every day. Currently, we have sizes ranging from 200x200 resolution with a 1.54" diagonal active area to 640x384 resolution with a 7.5" active area. We have ePaper display modules in black & white, monochrome, black & yellow & white, black & red & white. We even offer a flexible ePaper module!

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