Monochrome LCD (mono LCD) technology offers high reliability and is ideal for industrial and consumer applications. Mono LCDs can be alphanumeric LCD (character LCD) or graphic LCD. 

A wide Range Of Monochrome Displays are available.

And it’s very easy to do andy customer design monochrome lcd, like segment LCD, character LCD/LCM, or graphic LCD/ LCD module with cutting, color-printing.

Sometimes, customer also need touch assembly together with monochrome LCD.


Mono LCD with Low Power Consumption; A high-output, low energy solution that saves you power and lasts longer.

Mono LCD can with perfect super wide temperature range, Op Temp: -40+85C, Storage Temp: -45+90C.


Wide LCD types: Various kind of display technology like TN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN, DFSTN, VA LCD are available.

Fully Customisable and flexible solution as per custom specifications into different size and display content.


Flexible Bolt-Ons

Combination with different components like backlight, touch panel…etc, can serve different kinds of application.

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