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How to do tool CTP?

CTP means capacitive touchscreen, it made by touch cover lens, touch sensor, and touch controller. Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited will design as per customer needing, like cover glass sizes, cover lens thickness, AG coating, AR coating, AF coating on cover lens, coverglass shape, and glass paint; If need support very thick coverglass or water-proof touch, Shenzhen LCD Mall R&D will select related touch controller.

Shenzhen LCD Mall is a professional manufacturer of embedded lcd. We have many years of product developing and manufacturing experience. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of tft panel and other product series. Performance of lcd panel is significantly improved after we start using lcd touch screen materials. Advanced optically clear adhesive protects the LCD against environmental factors as well as foreign contaminants and abrasive material.  The product is highly resistant to abrasion. It has been tested using the Martindale test method to prove that it can withstand daily wear. It has an improved operating temperature range.

We aim to strengthen our R&D capability in the following years. We will invest in cultivating a stronger development team and other human capital, so as to lay a solid foundation for our technological development and product innovation. 

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