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How about the minimum order value for ODM products?

Please consult our customer service about the minimum order value for ODM items. Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited is pretty confident in our ability to develop value for our customers. ODM is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a partner in the ideation and manufacture of a completely customized solution. Our company has years of experience in producing leading-edge and high-quality tft panel manufacturers in the industry, which you can trust in.

Shenzhen LCD Mall is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of monochrome display. We have extensive experience after years of development. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of tft touch screen and other product series. Customized embedded display is offered by Shenzhen LCD Mall. It supports multi-touch (when it uses capacitive technology). Our oled display products can be customized according to customers’ drawings and samples. It supports multi-touch (when it uses capacitive technology).

The spirit of “customer-oriented” is the soul of our company’s development. We strive to meet customer requirements by virtue of production technology and technical level that are prior to the industry.

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