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How to install capacitive multi touch screen ?

Please refer to the detailed product page or contact our customer service department for self-installation instructions and what you need to know before placing an order. From the moment capacitive multi touch screen is commissioned at your location, customer service will work and we will support you throughout its useful life. Our customer service will ensure fast, professional service.

From basic design to execution, Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited continues to deliver quality tft touch ahead of schedule at cost effective prices. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of lcd panel and other product series. The product offers cushioning and protection to the body. It reduces the impact, shock, wear, and other external elements posed on the body. It is easy to install and maintain. With the principle of customers first, Shenzhen LCD Mall provides professional capacitive touch screen knowledge and on-site customer service for distributor. It is exported and sells well in South Korea, Singapore, as well as many countries and regions in Europe and North America.

We stick to sustainable development. We ensure proper sustainable management by reducing wastes generated and reuse materials as possible.

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