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How about LCD Mall logistics distribution system?

In order to ensure efficient transportation, Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited has a complete logistics distribution system. By working with a reliable freight forwarder, it can guarantee the safe and economical transport and loading of the products. After providing the pmoled screen , our professional after-sales service staff will provide you with the logistics information.

Shenzhen LCD Mall has accumulated years of experience in developing innovative capacitive touch. Now, our company is noted as a strong manufacturer. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of capacitive touch screen and other product series. The texture of capacitive touch screen is often a major determinant of how well a product is designed. It supports multi-touch (when it uses capacitive technology). The product has desired stretchability. It can be stretched up without becoming deforming, breaking and losing elasticity. Its coating is highly weatherable, will not discolor when exposed to sunlight.

We promise to seriously handle all the wastes during production. No toxic and harmful chemicals will be discharged to cities.

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