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How to extend oled lcd display warranty?

If you want to extend the guarantee for oled lcd display , please consult our Customer Service for comprehensive information. It is important to note that you’ve got the choice to purchase this warranty any time before the manufacturer warranty expires.

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited is a(n) tft touch manufacturing company. We offer R&D and production services to help bring customer’s ideas to life. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of oled display and other product series. The design of lcd panel is completed by famous designers from international companies. It is weather resistant and is able to stay clear for prolonged periods in a harsh environment. Shenzhen LCD Mall takes the market as an opportunity, and constantly blazes new trails. It maintains high surface strength without any micro-cracks.

To achieve sustainable development, we implement the plan of three wastes treatment, including wastewater, waste gases, and waste residue during the production processes.

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    DPI stands for dots per inch and refers to the resolution of a printer. It describes the density of ink dots placed on a sheet of paper (or another photographic medium) by a printer to create a physical print.

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