samsung i7110 vs lg kp500 - buy one as per your discretion

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-19
Samsung and LG are already seen as the world\'s leading mobile companies in magic phones.
In the case of i71 10 and KP 500, both have excellent appearance and quality features.
But apart from these similarities, there are some differences.
One big difference is their brand value.
In addition, there are more differences between the two phones.
So, to make everything clear, let\'s take a look at some of the silent features of both phones.
Physical properties: i71 10 equipped with OLED Display 2.
6 inch diagonal screen with a resolution of 240x320 pixels.
256 colors are displayed on the screen.
But the Cookie has TFT touch
The screen is 3 inch and 256k color is displayed.
So it has a bigger and better screen than I71 10.
Camera features: the Samsung i71 10 integrates a 5-pixel camera with full autofocus.
So users can use this phone to capture their memorable and fun moments.
However, the KP500 has been builtin 3. 15-
A million pixel camera smaller than the I71 10 camera.
So, as far as the camera is concerned, the i71 10 here is better than the LG Cookie.
Color: The Samsung i71 10 is an elegant-looking phone with a combination of silver and black colors.
The lg kp 500 is a stylish phone with all kinds of beautiful colors such as black, silver, brown and gold.
Entertainment features: the Samsung i71 10 offers WMA, eAAC, AMR, MP3 and DivX, H. 263, H.
264, WMV, MP4 real audio player.
However, the lg kp 500 offers FM radio to entertain users.
So, after weighing all the specifications and functions of the two phones, it can be said that Samsung i71 10 is much better than lg kp 500 phones.
However, depending on your choice and taste, you can buy both phones.
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