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Any lcd panel stock in LCD Mall?

Our present products are stocked in Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited factory. If you are considering , then you are free to contact our staff to inquire about the detailed advice. We can send the finished sample to you for quality check. If you need other support like custom service, then we are capable of customizing products based on your needs. But it is going to take longer time to obtain the products that you want.

Shenzhen LCD Mall is a popular supplier of capacitive touch from China. Designing and manufacturing excellent products are our strong suits. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of oled display and other product series. tft panel mainly contains tft lcd material. It is easy to wipe off dirt, fingerprints, oil stains, etc. on it. Shenzhen LCD Mall has rich intellectual resources and wealth of knowledge, strong scientific research capabilities and talented people. Its coating is highly weatherable, will not discolor when exposed to sunlight.

To achieve sustainable development, we implement the plan of three wastes treatment, including wastewater, waste gases, and waste residue during the production processes.

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