128x64 oled enclosure the easy way

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-17
There are many instructions on how to use ssd306
OLED display based on 128x64.
A lot of writing like this
Ups is very informative, but almost all of this looks like an unfinished scientific project. (
To be fair, the goal for most people is to start and run the display, not to create the finished product).
Here\'s a quick and easy way to use these monitors for things that don\'t look like sitting on the bench.
Project budget: case $5 or less, display about $8 (
If you haven\'t).
In terms of creating a finished product, the basic problem is that the display is square.
It\'s rectangular, to be precise.
But for our purposes, there is no difference.
Create a square or rectangular panel cut
It\'s not easy to show.
Square display is perfect for displaying data-
The Apple Watch is square for a reason-
If you have a chance to get into a large factory, or even a relatively mild metal store, there is no problem.
However, a drill at homegamers go-
The to hole creation tool is not the best for making square holes.
With infinite patience, a file, and possibly a Dremel, you can turn a circular hole into a square hole, but the satisfactory result is far from guaranteed.
Anyone trying to make a reasonable and precise cut
Go out with a jig saw, basic hand tools, DIY ravers or anything else lying in the shed and you will know that these options are not much better.
Because the 128x64 OLED display is very small and the resolution of the display is very high, there is a special problem with it.
Of course, this is not a resolution compared to the Apple Watch, but rather a typical Arduino 2004 LCD.
With the latter, you can usually zoom in half what looks like
Decent way because low
Res and larger dimensions mean tolerances for cutting
No finished product looks too amateur, out can be higher in proportion-
You don\'t need to be too close to the monitor to read it.
With the OLED display, there is no place to hide. The cut-
It must be perfect to go out.
If you want to install a monitor in metal (who doesn\'t! ? )
You are struggling.
Especially if you\'re a clumsy fool like me.
Well, I have to say here that I\'m not even sure if this is in line with the legal guidance.
Really, it\'s more of a hint.
But I think it\'s useful.
So for those of you who want me to figure out how to make a stamping press of $20,000 for $5, you are unlucky.
What we\'re doing now is outsourcing our holes. making.
Like Apple and Foxconn!
In fact, better yet, because our uninformed suppliers have produced millions of products that we need.
You see, your standard America. S.
Switch switch board cut
This is almost the same size as the 128x64 screen.
Look at these two, this is not intuitively obvious --
Switch plate cutting-
It looks too small and too rectangular outside.
But in fact, dimensions are really very close.
The specifications of the display are slightly different between different manufacturers, but usually the \"active area\" of the screen is about 22mm x 11mm.
Standard switch plate cutting-out is 23. 8mm x 10. 3mm.
Obviously you want it.
Slightly larger than the active area, so the width size is almost perfect out of the box.
Do a bit of work with a small flat file on the height and you\'re done.
After you get the perfect hole, you can use the switch board without further modification, or cut the switch board into the size required for your project --
It\'s relatively easy because these are straight cuts outside.
The hole in the mounting screw can be used to control the led of the button (
Easy to zoom in if needed)
Or just screw with dentures.
In my example, I cut off the label from the old switch and installed the two result labels on both sides of the work box to receive the switch plate screws.
Even though this hole is dead now.
On, you still need to be very careful to install the monitor inside the distribution panel.
I think you can use a complex fixture, but I find that the best way is to look at it directly with the eye.
If you are using a metal switch board, do not forget to insulate the front of the display pin head before starting the installation.
To ensure proper alignment, the display should be on and display data at the edge of the screen on both axes.
Move it until you are happy and then fix it in place with insulating tape so it can no longer move.
Then half repair
Keep permanently with a lot of hot glue.
At least I\'m using this method.
Before I go there is a note on the app.
This project is a product of another structure that I released in early 2017.
The project turned the $300 washer and/or dryer into a $2000 smart laundry monitoring system. Well, sort of.
Anyway, I said in the instructions that I am considering a similar approach to improving our dishwasher.
The problem here is a bit different, though.
I don\'t care much about monitoring safety issues such as water leakage and overheating, but simply provide some indication of the running status.
In an example of Minimalist madness, our special Jenn-
The Air model does not have a visible status light on the machine-
It runs so quiet that you don\'t even know when it will open.
These features, plus unlike yore\'s dishwasher, take your own sweet time to load things (
To improve energy efficiency, says Jenn. Air)
, Which means it\'s not uncommon to accidentally open it while washing.
No big deal. -
The water didn\'t come out, nothing. -
But you are treated with a hot heat and feel like a fool, especially if you started a few minutes ago.
Unlike the washer and dryer, I don\'t need a dishwasher connected to the Internet, so I can\'t output status data to the app, and of course I don\'t want to ruin the minimalist aesthetics of the machine itself.
Using an OLED display mounted on a stainless steel switch board is the perfect way to show what I\'m talking about here.
The switch board covers a combined work box with code
Dishwasher cutting required
Off switch on 120V side (plus an always-
On a socket on a separate circuit)
And monitor on the low voltage side.
I think it is very suitable for the design of the dishwasher, especially Jenn-
Air signs included in the data cycle.
Weather data (
Sensor from BME280)
Just give the monitor and Arduino something without monitoring the dishwasher running.
The only slightly tricky part of this project is to find a way to generate Jenn-
Air bitmap graphics.
Paint is recommended by almost everyone.
Net, but this is not available for Mac OS.
I finally found this.
Very easy to use and web-based.
There is a related You Tube tutorial, but not sure if You need to watch it or not.
Thank you skullhoj!
They look like a group of characters, and the \"About\" page of their site begins: \"skullhoj is owned and operated passionately by Björn soroup, outside the Copenhagen area of the Kingdom of Denmark, George Jankov and Casper scolrey.
Thanks to us, our charming country has a prince and a princess, a Green Ranch, a blonde girl, about 16 million slaugtherpigs, and now a universal broadcast controller!
\"I\'m not going to write the dishwasher project itself as a project of guiding significance --
Nothing special-
However, feel free to ask questions if you want the code and/or have questions.
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