xiaomi mi 7 to sport face unlock technology, ditch ...

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-27
Xiaomi 2018\'s flagship smartphone, Mi 7, could be one of the first Android phones to completely abandon the fingerprint sensor and support face recognition.
The new report said that the fingerprint sensor in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 will give way to face unlocking technology, similar to Apple\'s gradual elimination of Touch ID sensors, make way for the new facial ID authentication system on the iPhone X.
Like the current Apple flagship, Mi 7 is expected to unlock the device by using 3D face sensing technology to map the user\'s face.
On the other hand, another report contradicts this, saying that the fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the display.
As we mentioned, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 could be the first smartphone to follow Apple\'s footsteps, using facial recognition rather than early fingerprint sensing technology.
The report from MyDrivers shows that Xiaomi is on the upcoming in-
The display fingerprint sensor shows that Xiaomi has completely abandoned the technology.
It is rumored that Vivo and Huawei will use it in their upcoming products.
However, another report from GizChina showed that,
Screen fingerprint scanner on Mi 7.
This determines that there is no confirmation and we need to wait for further updates to get a clearer picture.
Some smartphones, including OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5t and Honor View 10, have seen face recognition and more smartphones are expected to appear in 2018.
Unlike Apple\'s iPhone X, all of these Android smartphones are expected to have fingerprint sensors and 3D face sensors.
It is said that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 will be launched 6-inch bezel-
Dual camera settings for OLED display and rear.
If the rumor is true, the Mi 7 will be upgraded from 5 to a major upgrade. 15-
Inch LCD display on Xiaomi Mi 6.
In addition, Xiaomi Mi 7 may also be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and launched in Q1 2018.
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