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Warmly welcome Brazil parter come to visit our factory


Accompanied by the company's Vice President MR Filix, and other people visited the production workshop and finished product workshop of the LCD display.During the visiting, We visited how the LCD displaydeveloped. Include TFT lcd bonding,  backlight workshop, capacitive touchpanel workshop, optical bonding workshop, and PCB board workshop.In the PCB workshop,Our brazil parter checked the every details include control IC and dust-free workshop is highly appreciated by customers.In the backlight workshop, Our brazil parter checked every Led light carefully.In the glass workshop, Our brazil parter checked the polarizer, Experienced the difference between : TN, HTN, FSTH, VA techology.of course include IPS screen.In the touchpanel shop,our brazil parter checked Resistive screen(RTP) and capacitive screen (CTP).

LCD mall Limited has devoted itself to the manufacturing and development of high-quality product industrial displays products. We are specialized in providing small and medium size LCD display, LCD module, LED backlight and other extensional products for worldwide customers.  

We are professional at OEM & ODM serves and have a rich experience of custom LCD display.

we have expended our factory capacities to 50KK/month and 4th factory has start mass production in China.

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