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One black technology


One black technology

The capacitance touch screen is more and more widely used. Consumers are not only demanding friendly operation (convenience and accuracy) of the touch screen but also demanding the higher and higher appearance of products. Because the common touch screen usually adopts full transparency design in the display area of the display screen, and screen printing ink is used outside the window area. In practical use, the window area shows gray-black, and the screen area shows different colors according to the screen printing ink. The more common touch is black or white, and the black screen printing ink is used. Controlled display module, the display area behind the screen and the color of the border are different because the design of glass cover is usually: border printing plus LOGO, keys or window area is transparent. When the glass cover plate is assembled with the display screen, there will be obvious segments in a standby state.

With the increasing pursuit of aesthetics, some products have to innovate. Even in a standby state, the whole screen is pure black, which makes the whole product more integrated, more upscale, and more atmosphere. This is what we often call "One black technology" in the glass industry.

Background technology:

In order to satisfy consumers'aesthetic requirements for product appearance, the touch display module with black silk-screen border has been developed to require the same display effect after the screen, so as to meet the urgent need of a "Turn off screen aesthetics." Because the transparent area of the window is glass substrate, optical glue, transparent conductive layer, flat panel display layer, and other multi-layer structures, it is required that the optical design of the multi-layer structure superimposed can satisfy the color effect of the screen when reflecting the same color as that of the border screen printing, and also meet the requirements of light transmission when displaying. The optical design of the multi-layer structure is complex, which is one of the current display touch control modules. A difficult problem.

How can this process be realized? Today, the cover girl shares the printing method with you

That is to say, a layer of semi-transparent printing is done in the window area or key-press part of the glass cover.

Attention should be paid to:

1. The choice of semi-transparent black ink should be similar to that of the border color. Too dark or too shallow will cause chromatic aberration.

2. Transmittance control: According to the brightness and environment of the LED lamp, transmissivity varies from 1% to 50%. At present, the most commonly used are 15 + 5% and 20 + 5%.

Technical summary

In fact, the integrated black technology provides a kind of integrated black touch screen, including the successive contact of the substrate, coating, touch layer, and display module; the transmittance and brightness can be adjusted by controlling the thickness.

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