what screen size is best for laptops - laptop screen guide

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-30
Choosing a laptop screen size is an important decision that must be made when purchasing a laptop.
Since the laptop has evolved, there are now different shapes and sizes, which ultimately leaves a normal computer-savvy person confused about which screen size to choose.
The types of screens commonly used these days are LCD laptop screens, and our article is based on the technical details to consider when purchasing the next laptop that may have an LCD.
The latest LCD technology for LCD display is called active matrix LCD, which is far superior to its predecessor passive matrix LCD.
Many advantages have been introduced in this new model, such as the overall size and weight of the screen has been greatly reduced.
These active matrix LCD is about
The thickness is inches, which provides better contrast and brightness ratio while consuming less battery power.
Battery Protection is a huge problem for most cheap laptops today, but having a high quality LCD will make sure you get the maximum number of battery hours that don\'t drain your display.
Screen size the screen size of a laptop is also a major factor in battery efficiency.
First of all, from the point of view of daily use, you should decide the use of the laptop, for example;
Will you travel a lot and then have 10 smaller screen sizes. 1\", 13. 3\" is best.
If you want to do word processing with your laptop, then standard 15.
5 \"size best for you.
Finally, if you are one of us and want to replace your desktop with your laptop, play games and use it for multimedia entertainment, then it\'s better to buy a 17-inch laptop
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