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Should the driver adapt to the car or should the car adapt to the driver?
One might think that advances in technology will benefit drivers, but not everyone will agree after a while with Ford\'s tech scammers --
2011 edge movement.
Of course, it has the advantage of MyFord Touch, one of the most advanced products
The car computer control system provides a lot of choices for car owners.
But it is also a disadvantage: there are too many choices.
MyFord Touch is based on the previous
Microsoft generation
Simultaneous voice support
Control system for handling direction, phone and music from additional devices such as ipod and smartphone.
Ford added an 8-
The inch LCD touch screen in the center of the dashboard not only coordinates entertainment functions such as radio, satellite radio and MP3 playback, but also coordinates settings such as telephone, navigation system and climate control, as well as traction and cruise control.
At the very least, the acceptance of MyFord Touch is uneven, and particularly important consumer reports say it helps Edge\'s relatively low test scores.
Edge is no longer recommended by magazines.
On the Road, in addition to the trendy electronics, I found that the 2011 Edge Sport has a significant upgrade compared to the previous model.
A bigger engine, 3. 7-liter V-
6 also found in the base model Mustang, producing 305 horsepower and 280 lbs-feet of torque.
This is a good growth from 285 growthhorse, 3. 5-
But the weight of the sport is more than 4,400 pounds, and its integrated city-
The highway level is 19 m. p. g.
So while it\'s not a sports car, it\'s more lively than most mid-sized intersections and feels excited on the winding mountain roads. The 6-
For extra fun, the speed automatic transmission is equipped with a paddler.
In addition to drawing a new sign in my Manhattan parking lot, the ad has an improved brake system on the edge.
Previous models complained that the brakes were too slow, so the new brake piston was connected to the larger rear disc.
This sport has 22-
Inch wheels and low
Introduction to Pirelli Scorpion\'s Zero tire.
Overall, looks handsome, though allwheel-
The driver version I tested, including the navigation system, blind
Field sensors, remote control start-up and special candy-
Apple\'s clear-coated paint costs up to $41,325. (
The front end starts at $27,995-wheel SE. )
Even on the Vermont highway, the \"motion tuning\" pause will not overreact.
Traction force and stability
If you push it too tightly, the control system will also prevent things from becoming terrible.
If anything, these e-nannies are almost too much trouble.
Every time they kick in, there is a noticeable grinding on the rear wheels.
On the other hand, they may feel humble. A quick left-
The system quickly corrected the cold waves on the winter ice that threatened to be awkward.
But for a while, people and computers fought for control of cars. (
I am turning the wheel to prevent slipping;
At the same time, it is using the rear brake. )
This is similar to how many drivers feel about the MyFord Touch experience (
Or, on similar Lincoln MKX, my Lincoln Touch).
Initial contact with complex electronics led to a tug-of-war competition between technology and drivers, although engineers tried to provide almost all imaginable ways to access the system and satisfy the driver\'s preferences.
That said, there are three main ways to approach the entertainment/navigation system: Touch the touch screen in the center of the dashboard and speak out the voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel loudly, sort the menus that appear on two customizable 4. 2-
Inch screen next to speedometer.
If you want to grow old
Fashioned, you can use dial and touch-
Sensitive keys for Sony stereo.
The touch screen is the latest addition of advertising.
Engineers initially opposed such a screen, which they thought was a possible source of distraction from the driver (
And expensive additions).
But one cannot drive by sound;
My passengers don\'t like me telling them to shut up so I can hear instructions or give orders.
So the big touch screen is a security blanket.
If you don\'t remember whether the next turn is left or right, or which station is playing, a glance at the screen will tell you. The built-
In the navigation system, it also avoids the problem of the phone.
Based on direction;
You don\'t have to wait for the system to call to download the new instructions. (
Like other systems, however, it is not perfect: in Connecticut it announced the launch of the \"West Cross\" instead of the Wilber cross. )
Even so, the screen is distracting.
Although it has some benefits such as Crystal
Can be clearly seen from the back
Facing the camera, it lacks tactile feedback.
So when you reach out and click on the music selection, you have to move your eyes away or you will touch the incorrect little button.
Some form of tactile or vibration feedback, which is a feature of many sense of touch
The adoption of screen smartphones will help.
What\'s worse, the screen on the dashboard is 5 inch lower than it should be
Force the driver to look on the right and look down.
In the category \"how do I learn to stop worrying and loving speech recognition\", after a few hours of testing, I am used to voice commands based on Nuance software, but the new driver will find the system to do more than it should. Like most in-
The automobile voice system does not obey the natural language instruction;
Instead, it only responds to certain commands passed under a specific prompt.
In other words, although its vocabulary has increased to 10,000 commands, you still need to learn which commands to say and when to say them.
For example, this can be confusing when you find that there is no \"set destination\" in the navigation section before drawing the course;
You should say \"destination\" first \".
When you feel comfortable with your voice
Identifying the system, you will be disappointed to find that it has no control over some features, such as the balance setting of the Sony sound system. (
This is a touch-screen menu. )
In the end, I prefer to use Ford\'s third driver input option: Four-
The control mode on the steering wheel, using a double screen in the instrument group.
The button allows you to quickly switch between entertainment and temperature menus on the right-hand screen.
A quick look can tell what\'s going on.
The left-hand screen shows vehicle information from sources such as tachometer, gas meter, and trip computer.
These controls are comfortable for anyone who is used to steering wheel buttons, but they are not perfect. The four-
The direction of the button is slightly tilted to the center of the wheel, not to the north and south, and there is no obvious dent or bump.
So you might get confused and finally look down and see which direction button you push --
This, of course, is against purpose.
Despite these doubts, MyFord Touch has enough flexibility to accommodate many drivers --
After some trial and error.
Steering wheel control and voice commands are the most effective.
The touch screen is where MyFord touch doesn\'t work at all because it\'s easy to distract the driver.
I have other questions.
Optional blindspot-
The warning system that flashes a red light in the rearview mirror is helpful, but it can be deceived by the guardrail on the curve.
This becomes a distraction in the evening;
I found myself looking for the phantom car. The tire-
The pressure monitor turns out to be annoying when the tire loses air.
The sensor warned me that something was wrong but did not tell me which tire was wrong.
What\'s worse is the rake son of the front headrest, which can\'t be adjusted and not good for my six headrest --foot frame.
After a long drive, I felt like my head was tilted forward permanently.
Some will still argue that today\'s computer cars, among which the Lincoln MKX with similar edge movements and gear may be one of the leading indices, can trigger a distraction disaster.
But longing for an era where everything can be controlled with buttons and knobs is like longing for eight buttons --
Those days are over.
The question now is which type of interface-
Voice, touch, or multiple screens-
Will let you win.
With the advantage, you have all three advantages, good or bad.
Internal track: flexible crossover with bulky technology.
A version of this review was printed on page AU1 of The New York edition on May 29, 2011 with the title: the fight against new technologies.
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