touch-screen module revenues to reach us$9 b. by 2015: displaysearch.

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-28
Taipei June 1, 2009CENS)--The touch-
The screen module market is expected to grow from $3 to $9 billion by 2015.
6 billion in 2008, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)
According to display search, this ratio is 14%.
Jennifer coolgrove, director of Display technology at Display search, notes that touch screens are becoming more common because of their ease of use and intuitive interface, which can save time and increase productivity.
The fall in prices has also prompted acceptance.
Finally, he added that touch screen devices are now considered cool and interesting.
\"In the next few years, the touch screen will experience strong growth in a wide range --
Applications of scale such as retail, ticketing, information points and education/training, said Director.
Display search said it expects a substantial increase in capacitor shipments.
Since 2007, with the popularity of Apple\'s iPhone and iPod Touch, shipments of capacitive Touch screens are expected to increase significantly, becoming the second
Second only to the biggest touch technology of resistance touch.
In addition, more
Touch is increasing its penetration rate.
Before the iPhone
The touch implementation requires a large and heavy device.
At present, there are about 50 suppliers
Touch screens using different technologies.
Microsoft support Windows 7 will support more
Display search indicates that touch enhances interest in the industry.
From the point of view of shipments, mobile phone is the largest application of touch screen.
In 2008, about 0. 22 billion touch screens were used for mobile phone applications, with a penetration rate of 16%.
According to display search, mobile phone penetration will reach nearly 40% by 2015. ((QL))(E)
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