touch netbooks: boom or bane?

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-27
The Asus Eee PC T91 series has once again become a pioneer among the major manufacturers of netbooks, launching a real touch screen netbook-
Eee PC T91 series.
This touch screen
Since Asus pushed netbooks to production on and off, there has been little light in enabling netbooks.
Fortunately, however, Asus has officially announced that it will soon start selling Eee PC T91 touch screen netbooks.
Eee PC T91 will be available in various iterations-
T91, T91 go, T91A and T91 h.
All of these T91 models have 8, except for T91 h.
9 inch touch screen display.
The Eee PC t91 h, which has just recently been announced, will run 10.
1 inch touch screen display.
In addition to this, the Eee PC t91 h will also have a GPS function and a 3g connection.
The release of the Eee PC T91 netbook SRP is $499, including shipping costs, it will have the following specifications and features: If you can\'t wait for the release of the Eee PC, you might want to think of the gigabyte T1028M TouchNote.
Of course, gigabyte is known for its convertible tablet with touch screen capabilities.
Gigabyte T1028M has the following specifications and features: it is now priced at about $644.
A few days ago, Bangu baiijian touch screen NetbookI learned about the new touch screen netbook
Banggu Baijian touch screen netbook.
The netbook was found in sports events in China.
2 inch touch screen display, 1.
6GHz Intel Atom N2 70 CPU, 1 gb ram, 160GB hard drive, Windows XP, 2 USB ports, VGA port, SDHC card reader, Ethernet jack and Wi-
Fi and Bluetooth options.
A touch screen netbook will be around $400.
There is no news about whether it will be listed on the international market.
Daewoo personal C920 tablet Netbook Daewoo, a Korean company, also released their own touchscreen tablet Netbook called Daewoo personal C920-mini.
This netbook comes with 8.
The 9 inch touch screen display, the Intel Atom N 2 70 CPU, 1 gb ram, 60gb hard drive and webcam.
However, unlike other touchscreen netbooks, this book will only have touch screen functionality when Windows 7 or Windows tablet version is running.
Daewoo C920 is currently only available in South Korea.
Similarly, there is no news about whether it will be listed on the international market.
Apple touch screen netbook (Rumor)
Again, another recent development in the netbook field, or I should say it\'s a rumor, is about Apple netbooks, and some news sites are speculating that the netbook will be released in October.
Of course, Apple remains silent about this, and there is no information about the whereabouts of the netbook.
Other major netbook brands if you may notice from the list, most companies that publish or are releasing touch screen netbooks are not the main brands we know (
Except for Asus, of course).
There is no information about whether major companies are releasing their own touch screen netbooks.
Not long ago, it was rumored that Acer plans to release a touch screen netbook, but so far the Acer camp has nothing specific.
These netbook makers may be waiting for a market reception for Asus Eee PC T91 netbooks before releasing their own touch screen netbooks.
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