top 5 boyo gps systems

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-27
Boyo VTN3500 portable 3.
Boyo VTN3500 portable 3.
There are 3 navigation systems. 5-
Inch wide touch screen tft LCD with 320x240 resolution. It is also one-
Inch thick, which gives it a very slim design.
Features include SD card slots for external memory, pre-loaded maps across the US, 2 million points of interest (POI)
, MP3 compatibility with headphone jack, built-in-
In a rechargeable battery, the USB port of 1.
1 unit with suction cup holder with cradle and user manual.
Amazon\'s price is about $300.
Boyo VTG43 is a rearview mirror display with built-in navigation, Bluetooth, touch screen control, SD card slot and FM transmitter.
It will hold or replace the existing rearview mirror.
Navigation features include more than 11 million maps in the United States and Canada, text-to-
Voice calls the street name and SD card slot to upgrade the map.
General features include built-in
Hands on Bluetooth-
Free calls and three video inputs.
Amazon\'s price is about $245.
Boyo AVN701S single Din 7-
Electric pop music in inches
Out Monitor receives Boyo AVN701S single Din 7-
Electric pop music in inches
The Out Monitor receiver works when the display is in an on or off position.
It will play a variety of media, including MP3 files, CD-RW, DVD-
R, AVI, DivX, etc. The built-
Bluetooth is compatible with most Bluetooth phones and allows manual
Free audio streaming is available on your phone, AVRCP, HS/HF, etc.
The touch screen allows you to control everything from radio, iPod, DVD, SD and USB.
Amazon\'s price is about $350. Boyo 4-
Inch tft LCD GPS navigation system with MP3 player
Inch tft LCD GPS navigation system with MP3 player has a 4. 3-
Inch wide tft LCD touch screen.
Its other features include plug-and-play navigation system, MP3 player, SD card slot for external memory, built-in
In rechargeable batteries, pre-loaded maps for the US and Canada, 2 million POIs, routing destination, suction cup holder with cradle, Spring-style cigarette Jack power cord, and more.
The price is about $300 in MobileVideoZone.
The Boyo VTN4300 is a portable navigation and MP3 player.
Its features include plug-and-play navigation system and touch screen 4. 3-
Inch wide tft LCD, SD card slot for external memory, day or night viewing mode and map for USA and Canada.
Find this portable navigation and MP3 player on the best car sound system for around $150.
Here I give you a starting point to find the top five Boyo GPS systems.
You will find a variety of features and prices, but the GPS features are consistent.
If you have any experience with these models, please feel free to share with us so that our readers can better understand their performance.
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