the world of luxury kitchen appliances

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-25
There are kitchen appliances and then luxury kitchen appliances.
When you talk about the deluxe edition, some are amazing works of perfect art and design, reflecting the trend that the kitchen is increasingly seen as a symbol of final status.
Nowadays, the kitchen is not only functional, but also \"show off.
Dorothy Lim has 22 years of experience in the kitchen industry in Malaysia and is the manager of the kitchen boutique at Bina warehouse, explaining, \"High
The difference is that you will get more professional features and excellent building quality.
\"Top European brands such as dedietrich, Foster, gaganau and Miele all have their own uniqueness.
\"For example, Gaggenau, a luxury kitchen appliance brand from Germany.
They used to have all the appliances designed by Bang and Olufsen.
\"In order to achieve a stylish look, all the ovens, steam ovens and microwave ovens in Gaggenau have no handles, but are equipped with a TFT touch display.
\"If you need the flexibility of the kitchen layout, Gaggenau is the only brand that allows you to choose the left and right hinge openings, or if you want the controls at the top or bottom,\" she said . \".
\"For the steam oven, we were impressed by the product from Gaggenau as it has a unique feature: pipe-
In the water supply, so you don\'t need to manually fill the steam oven with water.
\"Interestingly, while vacuum cooking is becoming more and more popular, not many people know that you can also use certain steam ovens to do this because the temperature is so highcontrolled.
She added: \"It is important to choose wisely when investing in luxury kitchen appliances.
Bina warehouse policy is to choose the best from a wide and pre-warehouse
Qualified range, so that if a certain model does not meet the standard, our customers will not have to worry about it.
\"We can share our knowledge of the best combination of models suitable for a variety of kitchen configurations.
For the coffee machine, she shared another article about
German brand Miele. “Miele’s built-
In the coffee machine, it is particularly smart because it has an auto-dispensing slot to feel how short your cup is.
For some other models, you will need to pull the distribution slot down manually, otherwise you may be splashed with coffee!
\"Lim is glowing from the German brand to the premium Italian brand Foster,\" Foster has a very special induction stove with an integrated hood.
You have to watch the video to really appreciate it.
\"They also have the FL Series, and its doors look like black mirrors and look very elegant.
In an article in France, she introduced the benefits of De Dietrich\'s intelligent cooking system, \"you don\'t need to be a chef, but the end result is, you can be in a touch like a professional.
\"If you host a dinner party, none of your friends will know you won\'t cook!
When asked about any final tips, Lim suggested: \"decide your appliance at least four months before the completion date, so we can calculate the required amps for your electrician.
If this is not planned in advance, it is possible that you will have to invade and rewire your house.
\"For more information, please visit the Bina Warehouse Kitchen boutique at Jalan Kampung Attap 22, Kuala Lumpur (03-2274 6111)or www. binawarehouse.
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