the sony ericsson jalou is available in a limited edition dolce & gabbana version

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-06
Sony Ericsson Jalou is a popular phone that also has different versions that offer style and sophistication related to the name of Dolce & Gabbana.
As part of the styling, this phone offers exclusive 24k gold plating, proving its complexity.
The phone is a compact unit, 73mm x 45mm wide, 18mm thick and weighs 84G.
The phone offers two display screens as usual.
The external display displays time and date information and caller details, while the internal display displays all the usual information and features.
The external screen of the mobile phone is 1.
A 3 inch monochrome display with a size of 128x36 pixels.
The inside screen of the phone is a 2.
0 inch TFT display with 256,000 colors in 240x320 pixel screen size.
The device also includes accelerometer sensors for automatic image orientation.
The phone includes snapshot style 3.
As part of its product, including 15 giant pixel cameras
Marking function.
Video calling is also available.
Video footage can be recorded with this camera, at QVGA quality and 15 frames per second, and also includes a useful built-in video light.
In addition to the stereo FM radio with RDS, the MP4/MP3 media player provides audio-visual entertainment.
Features that come with the media player include the track ID.
For further entertainment, some games can download additional games if needed.
Internet pa connectivity provides Internet connectivity at speeds of up to 3.
6 Mbps, also includes a level 10 version of GPRS and EDGE.
In addition to the above connection options, the phone also offers a Bluetooth and USB connection.
The phone also features a useful organizer and voice memo.
The ringtone and vibration alarm options are included in the phone and additional chords, MP3, AAC ringtones can be downloaded along with the accompanying composer, providing users with the ability to create their own ringtones.
Sony Ericsson Dolce ou Dolce & Gabbana is a unique and unparalleled mobile phone that not only provides effective features, but also provides unparalleled style and sophistication.
Its 24k gold plating makes it different from other phones, but the features it contains make it a useful and viable option.
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