the samsung c3510 is an affordable touchscreen handset

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-23
Released in December 2009, Samsung C3510 is an attractive touch screen phone with a range of useful features.
Its circular and impressive touch screen makes it a beautiful phone.
The size of this phone is 103. 9x55x12.
9mm, the weight is 92.
2g, makes it very light and slim.
This phone is comfortable to use. The 2.
The 8 inch TFT touch screen is capable of displaying up to 256,000 colors in 240x320 pixels, providing bright and clear images on the screen.
By shaking and ringing, the user receives incoming calls and messages and has the option to use an MP3 music file as the ringtone.
Built-in speakers allow hands-free communication. A 3.
A 5mm audio jack is also available to allow listening to music using a hands-free kit and headphones.
The phone book in C3510 can store up to 1000 impressive contacts.
The photo call feature also allows users to take photos of contacts and assign them to their contact information so that they can display photos when they contact on the phone.
30mb of memory is provided, but this can be increased to 8gb by using a microSD slot and installing a memory card with a higher capacity.
This provides a lot of storage space for media files and other data.
The C3510 uses a range of connection options.
Connected to the network via GPRS and EDGE, both are level 10.
Bluetooth version 2.
0 as a standard installation, allows direct transfer of files and data between other Bluetooth compatible phones.
The C53 10 is equipped with a camera with one set.
3MP, pixel resolution 1280x1024 pixels.
As an alternative to static photos, it can also record QCIF quality videos at 15 frames per second.
The media player for this phone supports multiple file formats.
Music can be played by MP3, WMA and eAAC.
Can play video with MP4, H263 and H. 264.
Media files can be easily transferred to and from micro USB used by a computer (v2. 0)port.
Other entertainment options include a built-in stereo FM radio with RDS, as well as a range of games with the option to download more games if needed.
Fans of social networks will not be disappointed because the C3510 has social networking integration with live updates.
The list of additional features includes useful organizers, voice memo recorders, and T9 predictive text input.
The Samsung C3510 offers a great entrance
This is an amazing touch screen experience phone with a range of features.
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