the nintendo switch debuts with a gimmick that\'s actually worthwhile

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-30
At last, Nintendo released NX, which is no longer called NX.
Instead, say hello to the \"Nintendo Switch\", a new home console that can be converted to a portable version based on your own whim, the design seems to confirm everything the system leaked in the past few months.
The system is located in a base unit and you can play it using a screen that looks fairly standard
It could be freedom. Free controller.
You can then disassemble the parts of the controller, attach them to the screen unit on the base and bring it to the world.
You can use this feature to play a fully switched game on the go, or have the controller part connected to the screen like the Wii U game handle, or you can support the screen like a tablet, and play separately using the split part of the controller.
If that sounds a bit complicated, that\'s why the video demo exists.
It\'s actually very logical and seamless.
While I have a lot of questions about Nintendo Switches and I\'ll talk about them in a minute, I\'m impressed with what\'s revealed here today.
This is the first time, as long as it works as expected, it seems like a \"gimmick\" that is hard to criticize \".
The last two Nintendo systems are trying to launch the \"new way to play\", first Wiimote and then the second screen Wii U gamepad.
Wiimote and its sports features make the Wii a global hit, but with the exception of a handful of selected games, few people will argue that sports control gimmicks actually make many games better.
This game works for Wii U gamepad, its second screen feature is mostly ignored and when it is integrated it shows a worse experience than standard games (
See Star Fox Zero).
But Nintendo has done something very special here.
They combine their \"new ways of playing\" philosophy with a gimmick that might really be useful once, the ability to play console games on the go.
They took one of the things that everyone liked about the Wii U gaming board, and that was the ability to play the game --
The screen, when needed, and expanded the concept to make a fully mobile home game console.
This is a gimmick and there is little need to test in order to convince people that this is a good thing.
Although you have to play the game using Wiimote or gamepad in order to believe the concept (
This is usually a tough sale), here?
As you can see in this trailer, the idea of just a console that can go anywhere is inherently appealing because people will know exactly what it will look like.
You can immediately imagine playing Mario Kart on the train, or playing wildlife breathing on the plane.
Or for families, it\'s great to see two kids playing multiplayer in the back seat.
All of this is pitching yourself and there is no need for additional arguments or presentations.
Is there a potential storm cloud on the horizon?
Well, battery life.
Obviously, we don\'t know what kind of battery life the switch has just from this trailer, but if it\'s not good, it could theoretically sink the whole system.
A portable console with a huge bright screen must use considerable power, and its features are enough to naturally play the full version from Skyrim to Zelda.
Anyone who owns the Wii U knows that the battery life of a very similar product-the game board-is very bad.
Even though the idea is cool, if the thing has a two-hour effective battery life, it could negate the whole point of the system.
Hopefully this is something Nintendo is very concerned about.
Some people may not care much about it all, but there is a problem with how powerful a system will be when it has to be installed on a mobile screen and still be able to play large games normally.
No one has confirmed that the \"home base\" attachment will increase the power of the system, but this is possible.
It is unclear how this shift will compete with competitors.
No one believes it will rival PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio, but after Wii U did Nintendo make something that could even be said to be Xbox one?
We already know that a large multi-platform version like Red Dead redempetion 2 will not appear on NX, although there is a lot of third party support and I have to look at it to believe it.
Other observations about the switch: it seems unlikely that Nintendo will continue to make designated handheld devices like anything in the DS family.
This introduction is almost entirely focused on mobile games, and it seems a bit of a foodie if both Switch and 3DS work together
It\'s been around for so long, or if the new DS is coming soon, I \'d like to know what the potential sales are like here.
Nintendo handheld devices have always been huge sellers, and if this switch can effectively replace their host and handheld units, doesn\'t that mean that sales expectations have to be huge?
In this case, they will basically merge the two product lines, and their investors obviously want sales to go up, not down, but it\'s hard.
Also, how much does it cost?
Most people won\'t expect the Nintendo console to cost more than $300 to $350 at launch, but again, will the switch end up with more than that by combining the console with the handheld device?
Will this change how people think about Nintendo?
Alternative Costs for Microsoft and Sony?
I\'m really excited, at least when playing the console at home, both motion control and second screen technology are gone.
The controller of the switch is a controller with buttons and joysticks. Not a wand.
Not something embedded in the screen.
For people like me, this is a very important thing, they have been in contact with Nintendo\'s quirky controllers in almost the past few generations.
It seems like they \'ve realized how much people like Pro Controllers and just built a controller around these design principles.
The portable aspect of the switch seems to be thinner and smaller than the Wii U gamepad, which is impressive considering that the device is running at full speed
In the host game.
The concern is to drag a rather bulky game board, but it won\'t be a problem in terms of appearance.
This seems to be the right size for the concept, but I may need to get one before I can say it for sure.
Good name again.
The Nintendo Switch is clean and directly describes what the console does.
Finally, we are going through the Wii/Wii U crap.
Obviously, it\'s a whole new system for Nintendo and we don\'t stumble across \"What is the Wii U? \"The problem came again.
I\'m the biggest Nintendo skeptic, but I was impressed even when I left the switch.
The success of the system will depend on several factors such as battery life and its software catalog, but at least this time, the central \"gimmick\" automatically looks like a positive, not an unknown or potentially negative.
Almost everyone can support mobile games, and Nintendo\'s advantages in this area are incredible.
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