the impressive google nexus s boasts an innovative super amoled capacitive touchscreen display

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-21
Google Nexus S is the second part of the GoogleNexus series.
One of the most impressive features of this fully functional phone made by Samsung is its amazing touch screen.
Not only does it provide an interactive and lightning-fast way to navigate the user interface, it also makes the device ideal for viewing content such as videos, games and websites.
This article gives acloser an idea of the technology behind the screen and the benefits that this will have for the user\'s daily life.
The size of the Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen is 4 inch;
Many users think this is the perfect size for touch screen phones.
The screen is still large enough to view the content, but compact enough that the pixel resolution of the screen can maintain its integrity.
Also, if the screen is much larger, then the rest of the phone must be larger in order to make up for this, so the 4 inch screen also means that the phone itself is still portable.
The technology behind the screen is very advanced and will show the development of mobile technology in the past few years.
Google\'s Nexus S takes advantage of the latest ultra-oled capacitive touch screen technology.
AMOLED represents Active-
Organic LEDs.
Although the details in this regard are very technical, the advantages are simple;
Refresh faster and display quality higher than standard OLED screens.
However, the Super AMOLED screen provides further improvements and advantages.
One of the main problems many people face when using their smartphones is poor battery life, which depends largely on the power consumption of the screen.
The Super AMOLED screen provides a better battery life, which means that users of Google\'s Nexus S can talk, surf the Internet and listen to music longer than many of their competitor\'s smartphones.
Of course, one of the many benefits of having an advanced touch screen is the improvement of display quality.
Google Nexus S is able to display up to 16 million colors on its screen with a pixel layout of 480x800.
So watching videos, as well as online videos on YouTube, playing games, browsing the internet and the user interface, is, in general, a more interactive and engaging experience;
The content on the screen is bright and the details are amazing, but the black is still deep and real, which is completely different for watching HD videos.
The addition of a powerful 1GHz processor also benefits the screen as it allows the user to navigate the interface at a very high speed.
It gives the screen the ability to respond instantly, and the delay is small.
Features like this are different for smartphone users, and the difference is very obvious when using devices with lower specifications.
While Google Nexus S is more than just a screen, it is certainly one of its biggest features and distinguishes it from most competing devices.
This doesn\'t seem to be an important aspect at first, but as you can see, it has a big impact on the user\'s mobile experience.
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