the flip phone is coming back! lg reveals it will sell budget 90s-style mobile with a small screen and 3mp camera in us and uk

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-26
Flip phones were popular in the 1990 s
They are the ultimate fashion accessory, and people like Alicia Silverstone are moving in \"know nothing.
But you will soon answer the phone again with a flick of your wrist, as LG has introduced a new model with some modern features --
And said that it will be launched in the United States and the United Kingdom soon.
The phone, called LG Wine Smart, has three phones. 2-
Inch color touch screen, running Android Lollipop 5.
1, and enable 4g calls. . .
But it does have older cameras.
The phone has been launched in South Korea and will begin in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Japan and the United Kingdom.
There is a circular navigation button in the center of the physical keyboard, this phone is very similar to the more basic phone many of us valued more than ten years ago, such as Motorola Razr.
Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications at LG, said that our goal with LG Wine Smart is to create a smartphone that is acceptable to fans of flip phones.
Consumers should not miss the smartphone revolution because they prefer a particular phone design to another one.
\"With LG Wine Intelligence, they don\'t have to do that. However, 3. 2-inch screen -
This is small compared to today\'s 5. 5-
Inch phablet screen-is a touch screen that displays the most commonly used applications for users when the central Q button is pressed.
This flip phone features a modern, powerful flip phone. 1GHz quad-
Core Snapdragon 2010 processor with 1gb of RAM.
With 4gb of internal storage, you can upgrade with a microSD slot.
It has a battery capacity of 1700 and supports 4g lte, Bluetooth, Wi-
Fi and GPS, which means the budget phone can perform more tricks than the post-90 s flip phone.
Entle has a soft leather case in three colors covering the thick buttons inside.
But nostalgia is not just design.
The phone has three-pixel cameras and 0.
With a 3 megapixel camera on the front, you can take a obviously blurry selfie.
By contrast, the best camera in the new flagship device is about 21 pixels.
Flip phones are still popular in Asia, the third of LG\'s.
The company says the Flip design is popular with people and older users who like instant messaging apps because they can be easily caught and have a large physical keyboard so it\'s easy
The budget phone will be available in South Korea for 200 won (£109 or $170).
Earlier this week, the price point is in sharp contrast to Motorola\'s Moto G phone, laucnh, which has better features, including 8gb of internal storage, waterproof housing and 13
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