the first usage of 0.96\\\" i2c oled display with arduino uno

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-08
What I want to show you today is the use of 0.
96 \"I2C OLED display with Arduino UNO board.
There are many different types of OLED displays. I have got 4-
Fix the OLED display with me.
This display can use the SPI pin instead of the I2C pin.
These versions can be seen on the website of Adafruit. List of requirements: 1. Arduino UNO (
Turn B line with USB A)2. 0.
96-inch OLED display (4-pinned)3.
Small breadboard or male
Female cables4Your computer (
Arduino IDE loaded)
Download the file below and then copy the code you want to paste on the Arduino IDE.
On the Arduino IDE> sketch> include libraries> manage libraries> Search for adafruit_ssd1306 then install and search for adafruit_gfx
You can also view the Adafruit Github page of morearmarine 3. 3V -
GND oledarock simulation in A5
Scp oledarock simulation in A4-
We need to modify the Adafruit library when we load it.
Go to the folder loaded by the Arduino library and on this folder, find adafruit_ssd136.
H File, Click It or press F2 to rename it to adafruit_ssd136. h.
Txt then finds this sentence in the middle of the code, which looks like this: note 32, uncomment 64 asCTRL S to save this text.
Go to the library folder and find adafruit_ssd136. h.
Rename txt to adafruit _ ssd1306.
Then return to the Arduino IDE. On the Arduino IDE (I used v1. 6.
8 for this instructures, learn how to update/download the Arduino IDE)
Click the upload button to upload the code to type B via USB cable type A and upload it from your computer to your Arduino UNO.
After uploading, click the reset button on the Arduino board and then check if your OLED display is happy: DLet let\'s see what the temperature and humidity ratio is on our OLED display.
I modified the code.
Below you can get the code.
Bay Yolal wrote the txt file there as code.
The connection is like this: Arduino 3. 3V -
Vcc gnd oledarnay-
Gnd oled Arduino simulation in A5
LCD Arduino simulation in A4
SDA oledarnay month V-
VCC DHT11Arduino GND-
GND DHT11Arduino pin 2-Data DHT11. Note: code.
Txt is the original code contained. code_°C.
The Txt file is used to display the Celsius symbol. . That\'s all !
Note: this instructable step is designed to let visually impaired people hear sentences and learn what\'s going on here.
Watch the video and it explains all the steps.
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