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How to choose the perfect game laptop to play computer games on a laptop when you walk into a full-
Night LAN party with personal laptop, looking forward to hanging with the big computer system Tower standing under everyone\'s feet.
Today\'s gaming laptops use large LCD monitors,of-the-
Art graphics and full videosize keyboards.
Of course, these types of gaming computer systems can not only be hung with a normal bulky computer tower, but can also be fully customized for purchase to meet the precise specifications of any video game player.
Seeing that these laptops have a variety of personalized parts, the usual practice is still to produce what some people call a \"system builder.
\"It\'s really a page where you can drop-
Down menu to be able to build the best quality gaming computer based on your needs and expense budget.
This kind of page may be too much for someone who just started buying a gaming laptop, however, as long as you only use one module and component at any given time, it is very easy to manage.
The gaming laptop GPUThis is definitely at the heart of the gaming workstation.
GPU-graphics processor-is an element that can make your gaming experience better.
If your current GPU doesn\'t meet the standard, your trusted old online game won\'t play.
Because specific brands are constantly changing, there is no way to get yourself into those brands, and the key is that the graphics card should not share components with the laptop.
An online graphics card for a gaming laptop should need its own memory.
At present, the two trusted manufacturers of computer notebook graphics cards are nVIDIA and ATI.
You don\'t have much good without a display. What\'s the benefit of a gaming laptop without a monitor, it can really render the game, let you enjoy the game now, can connect an external monitor, however, if there is no external monitor, you can\'t play on a gaming laptop, then your laptop is not all mobile.
Although the functions and terms of LCDs (
LCD display)
It is likely to consume an entire essay, and there are some points to remember when choosing the available LCD options for your brand --
New video game laptop: native resolution, aspect ratio, rise and fall time, contrast, perspective, and size.
Rise and fall times: use the phrase \"rise and fall times\" to clarify how quickly the LCD reacts to changes.
Until recently, LCD monitors have been affected and cannot render graphics as quickly as computer games.
This highlights a major problem for laptop gaming enthusiasts because they can\'t play video games correctly if they can\'t see the pictures correctly.
This lag usually means the difference between winning a match and almost no match.
The good news is that the gaming laptop LCD has made significant progress and is getting better and better.
Although it used to be impossible to play on the laptop screen, today, the gaming laptop LCD provides 25 ms or less of rise and fall time with normal shutdownthe-
The rise and fall time of the laptop is reduced by 40 milliseconds.
Aspect ratio: as you can almost certainly understand, the cinema screen has a variety of ratios in addition to the TV screen.
Again, you\'ll find game computers in widescreen format, as well as laptops, with normal aspect ratio like a TV.
Game laptops in widescreen format have advantages and disadvantages.
At present, many online games do not have widescreen functions.
This means that the game is likely to extend to the computer screen and the result is distorted, or you may run it in black
A colored bar that fills the border.
There are plenty of ways to fix this, of course, but if you want to go outof-the-
The box experience is very good and the widescreen format may not work for you.
Nevertheless, the widescreen LCD does provide you with a large number of display real estate for Internet access and other computer activities, and the games played in a wide format setting provide a broader view.
With this in mind, you will find a very faithful widescreen number --
Love the game lovers there.
Do everything possible to find a balance between recent and future innovations and computer features other than video games.
Despite the restrictions, widescreen display formats can be found on almost all the best gaming laptops.
Native resolution: native resolution is just a setting to show the clearest graphics the screen presents.
Since online games are constantly moving, the slightly softer edges may not bother most game lovers, but consider that while this is your current gaming computer, you will most likely use it on other things, such as the Internet.
If the image resolution is not high, you won\'t have fun using it.
Contrast: If the contrast quality of the gaming laptop LCD is lower than the acceptable contrast quality-
That means black.
The color area is not as black and white as they need-
The color part is not the same white.
This is very important for laptop players because you need to see the game correctly-as it should be seen-to play and compete effectively.
Search for 400: 1 or higher contrast in customization
Homemade gaming laptop: perspective: this is a regular
The neglected LCD feature, but it has to be taken into account if you are making a gaming laptop.
There are a lot of good quality LCD monitors on the market, except at the appropriate height, it is difficult to see clearly at every angle.
This is of course a big problem with the game on the LCD screen, because the display of the unqualified viewing angle does not allow some people to watch the display while you are playing, nor does it hurt you when performing something basic, like changing your seat, which usually requires you to adjust to the position of your laptop monitor in order to view it correctly again.
Still, playing games on your laptop doesn\'t necessarily mean you will have a bad perspective.
You\'ll find the LCD available for purchase with an amazing viewing angle-up to a hundred to twenty degrees.
These displays not only allow game viewers to watch, but also allow you to play movies and demos with a huge, clear display.
Size and size: in the gaming laptop, the size is almost everything.
Almost all gaming laptops are large electronic components.
At present, there are at least 15 inch LCD screens of the best gaming laptops on the market.
The audience\'s favorite is seventeen.
Inch widescreen (
Even if there is a wide range of problems).
The bigger 19
The inch laptop monitor is just beginning to see 19-
You can get an inch or even bigger version soon.
The easiest way to determine what a laptop LCD display is to go to a nearby box store and fiddle with the LCD display on the monitor laptop to pay attention to what you read here.
Even if these computers are not custom game computers, you can accurately observe the size, what the various resolutions look like, and what the perspective is, so that you can start to develop your own personal choices.
Type and number of random access memory-RAM (
Random access memory)
What is present in a laptop is called SODIMM (
Small profile of dual embedded memory module).
RAM is responsible for the processing power of your computer.
If you\'re looking for a custom gaming laptop, you usually get aDDR2 RAM with the option of how much you want to put on your computer.
Most of the top games today require 1gb of RAM for the best latencyfree game play.
Some people will use 2gb to make sure they are able to run multiple apps with the game and there will be no specific drop in response time.
This is of course a huge investment and you will need to be able to use this gaming laptop for quite some time to come.
Most personalized laptops are upgradeable for users, but this should be decided by experts.
CPU-not just mobile technology CPU (
Central processing unit)
Found in many custom gaming laptops, they are very similar to those in desktop computers.
These chips require quite a bit of cooling power, which usually makes your laptop light.
Don\'t abuse your hard earned money on the hottest CPU version that is most likely to cost up (
Sales prices are likely to drop after a period of time).
Adhere to the current CPU speed, which is usually provided by the well
Well-known personalized game laptop dealer, you really can\'t make mistakes.
Game laptop hard drive this is the last component to consider when making a game laptop.
Computer hard drives have many different speeds and functions from 4200 to 7200 RPMs and 40 to 100 GBs.
This is really a user preference in most cases.
Look at your current laptop or computer and buy your capacity on this basis.
Don\'t forget that with a lot of custom game laptop makers you will have the ability to upgrade or add additional hard drive in the future.
At the end of the day, gaming laptops are all about power.
Don\'t expect 12-
Pound workstations with desktop processors, numerous fans and discrete graphics cards can survive for several years with battery power.
Still, be sure to make sure you like the chin you get when you walk into your normal LAN party place with a brand new scream --
Fast laptop games
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