the alcatel 808 is both unusual and endearing

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-06
Alcatel 808 is a mobile phone that offers an unusual phone and is ideal for text-based services.
It provides a quick and efficient QWERTY keyboard that is packaged in a stylish enclosure and is out of the ordinary.
The phone is 70mm x 70mm wide, weighs 20mm grams and is 113 thick.
The phone offers 2 display screens, both inside and outside.
The external screen is a monochrome OLED display, which is 1.
The size is 1 inch and works within the screen size of 128x36 pixels.
The internal display is a 2.
The 4 inch TFT display is capable of displaying up to 65,000 colors in a 320x240 pixel screen size range.
The phone is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, which is effective and responsive in nature, and provides a simple SMS function.
Both the ringtone and the vibration reminder option can use the MP3 Ringtone as the standard.
The device also offers speakers and phone books to keep up to 800 contacts and features photo calling.
The phone provides 80mb of memory, which can be replenished by using an integrated microSD card slot, enabling it to increase the memory capacity to a more trusted 8 gb.
In addition to miniUSB and Bluetooth, connectivity is provided through the 12-class version of GPRS and EDGE.
Mobile phone provides snapshot style 2.
The 0 pixel camera, running at 1600x1200 pixels, takes valid images that can be displayed on the screen and provides an alternative to video shooting as an alternative to still images.
In addition, an FM radio with MP 4/MP3 media player, organizer and voice memo facility are included.
The phone also includes a game that offers another form of entertainment.
A key aspect of the phone is its ability to access and integrate with social networking sites.
Alcatel 808 pink is a color variant and the other is dark chrome.
The phone, an unusual phone, offers an effective phone with a focus on social media integration and SMS capabilities.
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