tft navigation display module for citroen c5

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-12
TFT LCD provides the ability to display full color or monochrome video from camera, dvd or other video input and acts as a multi-color
The role displays and integrates data from other sources at the same time.
Because of their micro-controller, the car tft LCD can receive commands from the electronic control unit of the car (ECUs)
Handle many different types of signals.
At present, tft LCD displays are used in many applications such as automotive, air conditioning and audio control, instrument cluster, dashboard display or driver information display, and after-sales navigation equipment.
As more cars include navigation and safety features such as anti-collision systems, backup cameras, and night
When viewing the system, they need a display that displays various operating modes.
Night Mode combines infrared camera data with night vision for pedestrian detection and processing.
Other modes run animations when the door is opened or sensors such as tachometer, speedometer, cooling water thermometer, oil pressure gauge or oil gauge change status.
With the expansion of display size, manufacturers have improved tft LCD technology for computer monitors and televisions.
Therefore, the screen commonly used in cars (
Size from 1 to 12 inch)
Benefit from it.
Compared with the early tft LCD generation, the latest display has better image quality due to the improvement of pixel density and resolution.
They provide interconnect, with a wider range of sizes and shapes, lower power consumption, and more usersfriendly.
Citroen C5 TFT display (2009-2010).
It is an ideal replacement for 7 inch color TFT navigation screen.
The 100% brand new screen is perfect for apps.
Each unit must be tested before leaving the factory. The plug-
The type makes it very easy to install.
Very good quality, good brightness and contrast.
Affordable, fast delivery.
You can\'t miss it.
The unimportant part. is: LB070WV1TD.
Here are more specifications for the SA1223 TFT navigation display module for your reference: SACER is an excellent supplier of automotive electronic auto parts.
Our goal is to repair and renovate the car.
Manufacturing related to electronic control modules.
We cover a range of product categories for instrument sets and dashboards, including LCD monitors, stepping motors, bulbs, mini speakers, and some other spare parts.
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We have R & D centers and warehouses in both China and Germany.
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