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by:LCD Mall     2020-07-04
With the advancement of science and technology, a large number of new products have emerged, each of which claims to be better than the other.
However, not every product has reached the standard, entered the competition and disappeared from the market for a period of time.
To avoid this, most companies turn to the test room to test the product before putting it on the market.
The test room is a device that provides a controlled atmosphere for the testing of industrial products, electronic equipment and biological samples under specific environmental conditions.
They are also used to test the packaging, shelf life and stability of the product.
According to their functional and technical specifications, these chambers can be divided into several categories.
Temperature and humidity control cabinet is one of the most commonly used test chambers in different industries and industries.
They maintain optimal conditions for indoor temperature and relative humidity, allowing the testing of cells and tissues, microorganisms and electronic devices.
They found that it was critical in the industry and research organizations dealing with sensitive products and in the experimental studies involving enzymes, cells and tissue culture, and growth curves.
These rooms are their own.
Isolated from the external atmosphere to prevent any chance of contamination and to maintain the required humidity and warmth levels.
The temperature and humidity control cabinet adopts microprocessor and digital control, and programmable the comprehensive influence of temperature and humidity on the test samples.
The chamber and its components are painted with rust-proof paint to prevent corrosion.
However, with the humidity chamber, the water source that supplies the treated water to the chamber is an important prerequisite.
You also need to be prepared for the discharge of the outdoor condensate.
Most of these temperature and humidity control cabinets provide an optional use of fluorine-free carbon chloride insulation materials, such as the environment-friendly and ozone-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant.
These test rooms have different shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of different industries and available spaces.
Some industries may prefer smaller units that can be used as the top of the bench, while others may prefer large walks-in chambers.
The design of the test room is in line with its functions, most of which are computer programming or network programming
The ability to allow repeated test conditions to obtain more accurate results and confirm tests for more reliable conclusions.
The test room is equipped with internal lighting and control knobs, and a more advanced and more complex version can also use digital analogs with an LCD display.
The design of the device is pleasant with emphasis on safety and functionality.
The design may also include a range of safety features such as high temperature, low water level and safe cut-off of electrical overload.
They are also equipped with audio and visual alarm systems to detect any fluctuations in the set parameters as well as power or system failures.
These test rooms meet international standards with standard and custom finishes to choose from and are designed to withstand extreme conditions while being very sturdy.
In addition to testing the dynamics of new products, these test rooms help identify the manufacturing defects and quality of the product.
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