sony’s new 2018 smartphones could replicate apple’s best iphone x feature

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-16
According to a new report, Sony can replicate Apple\'s impressive iPhone X screen on its smartphone.
The Japanese handset maker is allegedly sourcing the same impressive OLED display used on the iPhone X for its own devices.
Last year\'s iPhone X made headlines for many reasons, but one of its biggest features was the huge OLED screen, which covered almost all the fronts of the phone.
OLED panels are very advanced panels that provide better color and contrast, and have become one of the main products of Samsung phones.
Apple finally launched OLED technology with the iPhone X in 2017, and Sony seems to be the next company to make this change.
South Korean tech giant LG is selling smartphones, according to Business Korea.
Sony OLED panel size, display industry insiders said.
\"We know Sony is working with flexible oled,\" said a person familiar with the matter . \".
Sony has already used TV.
LG\'s larger OLED screen for the TV showed its first OLED model in 2017.
But the company\'s smartphone technology has not grown rapidly.
We spoke to GfK\'s Imran Choudhary, who said it was not \"impossible\" for Sony to adopt fancy OLED screens for its next generation of smartphones \".
\"Sony used to use LG screens on some of their TVs, and if Sony was allowed to transform its OLED range, it could be a smart move to take advantage of LG\'s OLED screens.
Top mobile analysts revealed that we can see Sony making changes to \"design and screen features\" on its high-end phones to introduce them more
Consistent with competitors such as iPhone X.
\"Sony devices have always had a unique look, which makes them recognizable, but the trend has shifted to OLED screens, with the bezel on the screen getting smaller and smaller, which is part of what Sony needs to be, or risk being left behind.
\"Choudhary told The Sun that Sony may release devices with lg oled screens later this year or early 2019.
\"It all depends on the severity of this conversation, but if it goes on, it may soon affect the device.
\"Sony is expected to release new devices during Barcelona\'s annual Mobile World Congress technology exhibition at the end of February.
However, the company has not disclosed any hardware details about the new phone (s)
So we are in the dark now.
We have requested a comment from Sony and will update this post after receiving any response.
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