some car, lcd tv firms cut prices

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-30
After a day when Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announced a reduction in consumption tax and tariffs, some car and consumer goods companies agreed to pass on the full benefits to their customers.
On Monday, the additional consumption tax on large passenger cars fell from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000, and the tariffs on LCD panels halved from RS to RS.
Automakers such as Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota, GM and Mahindra & Mahindra from the consumer durables industry, as well as Samsung and LG, have said they will pass on the benefits to their customers.
The budget requires a reduction of 5,000 rupees in consumption tax on all passenger cars with engines greater than 2000cc.
Since passenger cars are sold from the small car sector, there are very few vehicles eligible for this benefit.
All cars with powerful engines, as well as all sports, utilities and many more
The purpose vehicle will receive benefits.
As a result, including Mitsubishi\'s Olander, Pajero and Monteiro, Ford\'s endeavor, Toyota\'s Camry and innovation, the taavera of GM and Mahindra & mahin
Sandy Singh, deputy general manager (
Sales and Marketing)
Toyota Kirloskar Motor said: \"We have decided to pass on the full benefits of consumption tax cuts to our customers.
Our model will change the price.
\"Mahindra and Mahindra will also reduce the price of their popular models;
It is also necessary to decide how much.
Xylo, Scorpio and Bolero are eligible for this benefit.
A year ago, former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram stipulated that the additional consumption tax on passenger cars with more than 15,000 cc engines but less than 2000cc was Rs 20,000 on all vehicles with more than 2000cc engines.
For fuel efficiency reasons, this step is mainly to prevent the purchase of larger vehicles.
Similarly, Samsung Electronics decided to cut the price of its large-screen display from Rs 1,200 to Rs 3,500.
Samsung 32-
Inch LFD display will be 40-1,200 rupees cheaper
2,000 rupees and 46-inch LFD display
A Samsung India spokesman said: \"The price of the inch LFD will be about 3,500 rupees . \".
The company is also considering adjusting the price of LCD TVs. A Samsung 32-
The price of inch LCD TV is about 38,000 rupees, 52-Rupeesinch models.
A spokesman for the company reasoned, \"as Samsung is doing a promotion on its LCD TV, one of the Airtel-
The box at the top is tied together with the panel and we won\'t cut the price in July.
\"Globally, prices for LCD TVs, monitors and laptop panels have risen sharply in the event of tight supply, and according to a report by display search, the supplier\'s target is profit for 2009
LG last year accounted for about a share of the Indian LCD TV market, and the company raised prices for LCD panels in July 1.
LG India spokesman said: \"Due to the steady growth of global LCD panel supply, we increased the price of LCD panel by 5 percentage points in July 1.
But since the budget has cut tariffs by half, we intend to reduce the price increase earlier.
\"The unresolved panel shortage, mainly as a result of insufficient supply of glass substrates, has forced the world\'s major panel manufacturers to increase prices more aggressively, and they hope to end their losses for several quarters in Julyto-
During September.
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