rumor: apple switching to amoled screens for next iphone

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-29
Although Apple\'s iPhone SE is basically a hot topic last week, the front of its smaller version of the iPhone 6s is slightly worse --
Facing the camera, there is no 3D touch, and there is no version of 128GB that you can buy.
The IPhone 6s is probably Apple\'s iPhone 7.
According to a new report from Ming, an analyst at KGI Securities --
Guo Zhiguang, Apple may use a new curved glass case on the next-generation iPhone.
The sides of the IPhone are metal, but the bezel is a little thinner, providing a more comfortable grip.
Overall, as reported by 9to5Mac, this will be a \"new form factor design \".
More importantly, Apple is said to be switching from the current LCD display on the iPhone to the AMOLED display.
AMOLED display can provide more power
High efficiency, so Apple can add a little battery power to the iphone, keep the same overall battery life, and add more powerful components.
In addition, the AMOLED display is thinner and more flexible than the LCD display, which will perform well in Apple\'s rumored curved iPhone 7 design.
However, the main problem with the AMOLED iPhone is supply.
If the manufacturer can make enough monitors, Apple may release 5. 8-
Replace the current 5-inch iPhone. 5-
Inch shape.
If not, Apple may make an iPhone variant with an AMOLED display, but will not use it as the default option for all new iPhones.
\"If the supply of the AMOLED panel is sufficient, we think that the first situation is more likely to happen, in which case, 5. 8-
The Inch AMOLED model will completely replace 5 models. 5-inch TFT-
Gou said in a report to investors.
Gou also predicted that Apple would add wireless charging to the iPhone 7. However, it is not clear whether Apple will adopt a proprietary mechanism to achieve this goal or whether it will be in a more mainstream wireless charging format today (such as PMA, Rezence and
Apple may also make some faces.
Identify systems, even tasks that are impossible to accomplish
Just like scanning the Iris on the next iphone.
We don\'t know yet if this will give iPhone users another convenient way to unlock the device, also wonder if Apple will try to give iPhone users a second opt-in fingerprint scan as secure as Touch ID.
The article was originally on PCMag. com.
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