robot avatar for physicians gets fda approval

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-25
A robot avatar whose doctor can navigate the hospital corridor has received a green light from the United States. S.
Food and Drug AdministrationThe RP-
The VITA robot represents the \"smartest\" telepresence robot that doctors can remotely control, and can interact with patients in hospitals hundreds or thousands of miles away.
IRobot\'s on-board software \"brain\"
Be a company of self
Drive vacuum \"Roombas \"-
Allows new robots to obey mobile instructions without the need for direct manual control.
\"Previous generations have to be driven,\" says Charlie Vaida, IRobot public relations manager . \".
\"This one you can operate on the iPad by clicking on patient Joe Smith in room 32, and it will go there while avoiding people and obstacles. \"One of the RP-
On January, Vitas strolled around the iRobot booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, demonstrating his navigation skills.
Smart machines represent a joint project between remote rendering robot seller InTouch Health and iRobot. [
Video: iRobot \"brain\" allows hospital robots to drive themselves
Doctors can open the robot\'s app on their iPad, view the hospital\'s electronic map, and simply point the robot to their next patient during the study of the person\'s electronic illness. RP-
VITA carries cameras, sensors and touch
Screen display, including the LCD screen \"head\" that can display the doctor\'s face that controls the robot \".
\"This is the only autonomous telepresence robot in the hospital,\" Vaida told TechNewsDaily . \".
\"This is the first FDA approved.
\"The new FDA license allows RP-
VITA helps monitor patients before, during and after surgery.
It also allows robots to be used in intensive care assessments and inspections.
But smart robots are not cheap. The RP-
According to The Boston Globe, weita\'s hospital operating expenses will be between $4,000 and $6,000 a month.
Hospitals must weigh costs and the possible benefits of allowing the world\'s top experts to consult on a patient\'s face --to-face. RP-
Vaida said that VITA may be available in a few months.
The robot represents the first commercial product of the iRobot Remote Presence Group-
A department set up to help companies move beyond household cleaning robots and bombs --
Disable robots for USAS. military.
Similar robots allow retailers to remotely help customers in stores, or give security a remote assistant to patrol large buildings from the central command center.
\"You can imagine that this technology will be really cool for retail or security,\" Vaida said . \".
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