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by:LCD Mall     2020-07-05
Richard Jantz (IDG)--Just as 15-
Last summer, inch LCD display became a hot product due to a sharp drop in prices, 17-and 18-
Although the inch LCD is still a huge investment, its price needs to be re-examined now.
What\'s the difference between a $800 Economic display and a $1300 luxury display?
We tested 15 tablets. -eight 17-
Seven-18-inch models --to find out.
Our test groups include BenQ, Compaq, CTX, Dell, Eizo Nanao, Iiyama, NEC-
Mitsubishi, graphic, Samsung and ViewSonic.
Competitors include $1899 luxury car models that make our 18-
Inch chart with its excellent features and unparalleled image quality, become a $629 monitor, unable to compete on graphics quality or features, and unable to compete on 17-inch chart.
Our best buy option takes up a middle ground that combines a reasonable price with the image quality needed for a long enough day-to-day job.
It is worth noting that a company has acquired 17-and 18-
Inch Best Buy spot. In the 17-
In the inch category, the $769 ViewSonic VG171 enhances the best overall image quality in its class at a low price. Among the 18-
Inchers, the physical function of ViewSonic vg181 for $949, is insufficient
The $1000 price and strong image quality make it a leader in the competition.
Both models benefit from ViewSonic\'s top-
Support is also provided.
Since their prices are still as high as some computers, large LCD displays require you to do some careful comparison shopping before putting in cash.
Here is a quick tutorial on what you should consider when purchasing these monitors.
The diagonal size of the LCD display listed on the supplier specification sheet is what you get--
Unlike the CRT display, the visual screen size of the CRT display is less than the specified diagonal size of the tube.
Unlike CRTs, LCDs are not particularly useful for multi-screen resolution support.
In our experience, all LCD displays look best for their native language (and maximum)resolution;
We\'re 17-and 18-
Inch model, 1280 by 1024 pixels.
To display a lower resolution, the LCD uses only the partial pixels they contain, then zooms in the resulting image and achieves varying degrees of success.
Often, the non-local resolution is so vague that it is unbearable in daily use.
More details provided by Gao
However, the resolution screen is rarely a disadvantage.
If 1280 by 1024 makes text and icons too small to fit your preferences, you can increase their size using utilities such as windows\'s display properties control panel or portrait display\'s LiquidView
Dual Video interface--both analog (VGA-style)and all-digital (DVI)inputs --is desirable.
In our tests, we have seen
Digital connections usually produce better
Image quality: no signal conversion is required for DVI (
From digital to analog to digital)
The analog interface can do this.
But to use digital input, your computer must have digital input
The price of this video card ranges from $150 to $300.
While the image quality of the LCD display depends on several factors, the two common specifications cited by the display manufacturer are brightness and viewing angle.
The brightness of the LCD display is in candela per square meter (cd/m 2), or nits.
The brightness range of the monitor reviewed here ranges from 200 to 300 cd/m2.
The higher the number, the greater the brightness the display can produce.
The perspective describes how far away you can sit from the center of the display before the picture starts to blur or lose contrast.
The measurement provided by the manufacturer, medium and at the level (left/right)
And vertical (top/bottom)planes.
The angle of view is usually between 120 and 170 degrees.
The larger the viewing angle, the easier it is to view the display when you don\'t sit directly in front of the display.
However, remember to watch-
The angle specifications referenced in our feature drawing come from the manufacturer;
PC World does not verify them independently.
Another factor that affects Image quality is the technology used to compensate for display viewing --
Angle limit. The least-
Expensive way to use light
Diffusion film to offset the angleof-Distortion of view;
The other two systems running on the liquid crystal inside the panel are called-
Plane switching (IPS)
Vertical alignment of multiple domains (MVA).
IPS and MVA are more expensive but offer a wider perspective as well.
We believe IPS strike the best balance between extending the perspective and maintaining a reasonable price.
Unfortunately, manufacturers don\'t usually tell you which Technology their monitors use.
Check out our chart for typical situations and try several monitors before purchasing.
Many LCD panels have a base and software that allows you to shift them from landscape to portrait.
This feature increases the cost of the monitor, but is useful for displaying long text documents (such as web pages and word processing files) and page layouts in desktop publishing programs.
There are indeed some drawbacks to the LCD display, including jaggy-
Appearance type and pixel response time slower than typical CRTs;
The latter may have the effect of blurring the text while scrolling, or it may be the effect of leaving traces when the icon moves around the desktop.
Generally speaking, the brightness and clarity of the text displayed on the LCD display (
And higher resolution)
Far more than any complaint you may feel.
Most LCD displays sold today redraw the screen quickly enough to fully display the moving image.
But when you play a game or browse a word processing file or web page, you may be bothered by pixel artifacts or blur. MVA-
Pixel response times for LCDs types are faster than others, but currently they are not common in desktop use.
Another consideration is how many dead pixels the defective panel has.
Dead pixels remain permanently lit or permanently darkened due to a transistor failure, and can be seen on the screen.
The manufacturer\'s policy on when to replace the panel with dead pixels varies, so investigate your monitor vendor\'s policy before you buy to make sure you don\'t get stuck in a bug that you can\'t stand.
In this comparison, all models have three
All parts including backlight are covered with warranty.
ViewSonic VG171: VG171 focus on the basics: it offers top-level
The notch display is very good quality and the price is high, but it ignores some convenient add-ons, such as a speaker jack or a USB hub.
Provide digital and analog video interfaces;
Tested with its digital video mode, which beat all competitors in our text and graphics tests.
Compaq TFT7020: TFT7020 will be a solid corporate citizen: under $1000, it offers attractive image quality, rich images
Asset Tracking and adjustment options.
Flat PV174: PV174 to show quality shipping. But its design--
And the technical support time of Planar--
Improvements can be used.
BenQ FP751: the price of FP751 is appropriate for users who use text more frequently than graphics.
Dell 1702FP: 1702FP is a smart choice, especially when you buy an LCD with a Dell PC: If you buy a monitor as part of a package deal, dell sometimes offers a relatively good record of service and support.
But other monitors with the same price, such as Compaq\'s TFT7020, offer better image quality and more stylish features.
V G181: Vice
The $1000 VG181 is a big one-
Screen deals, including powerful features and strong support for corporate and home users.
Although other monitors of this size can beat its image quality, few can beat its price.
Flat PT1814NUV: PT1814NUV provides an excellent set of features and impressive image quality at an attractive price, but some clumsy design and UI elementsNEC-
Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD 1830: Rock-
Rock and Roll
Solid support and good
Make this big-
Screen LCD is a strong competitor-
As long as you don\'t need a lot of fancy things.
Eizo Nanao FlexScan L685: its modern minimalist style and head
Rotating image quality makes FlexScan L685 a coveted display.
But having it will cost you a lot.
Iiyama as46 36d: moderate price, reliable image quality and convenient connection make this tablet particularly attractive for digital video editing.
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