review: nec tops list of 10 best lcd monitors

by:LCD Mall     2020-09-01
Richard baguri (IDG)--
LCD displays have finally become a viable alternative to CRT displays for home or office use.
Driven by falling prices, more and more users choose to use LCD instead of bulky CRT.
Although the price of the LCD panel used by the manufacturer to make the display continues to rise, we have seen 15-
Inch LCD display, printed in our month of August 2001.
This time, NEC Mitsubishi ranks first with its multiplot LCD 1550x, and its excellent results in our graphics and text tests have lifted it to the top of the list.
Another Best Buy award to Sharp\'s LL-
T15V1 is a price-inviting display that has scored high marks in both text and graphics.
The only downside of sharp is the lack of digital input.
Several monitors on the chart have panels that can rotate 90 degrees, which makes the screen more like a magazine than a TV.
This location can be useful when you want to display the entire text page in a word processor or edit an image taken in portrait mode.
All these rotatable models have software (
Software usually in pivot portrait)
The screen image can be rotated with just a few clicks, making it easy to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode.
Some displays are also equipped with composite materials and S-
Video input that can be used to directly connect the camera or DVD player.
Hitachi cml3b xw V and Solarism LM1503 are two such displays;
While neither of them makes charts, you can consider them if you want a monitor that can display both videos and computers.
For more detailed comparisons, see the chart with a single monitor specification and rating.
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