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Kyocera Mita EcoSys FS-
D monochrome laser PrinterKyocera is known for making some of the world\'s most advanced ceramics.
Their products include monochrome laser printers and AIOs, color laser printers and AIOs.
Inkjet printers are not produced in Kyocera.
Their laser printers and more
They have developed an advanced ceramic drum and an engine for all of these products.
This drum is considered a lifetime part of the printer, not a replaceable part.
In addition, their Toner is much lower than most printer companies.
Kyocera said, \"the ECOSYS printer of Kyocera includes the length of use
Life drum of organic photoelectric conductor (OPC)
Amorphous porcelain patent (ASi)
Capable of handling up to thousands of prints. These long-
The long lasting drum is obviously separated from the toner, and when the toner is exhausted, there is no need to replace the drum.
\"Kyocera Mita EcoSys FS-
D monochrome laser printers are one of the smaller monochrome printers in their product line and are therefore oriented to home offices, small offices and working groups.
It is as eco-friendly as a printer and is suitable to work in a user\'s office.
Cost, compatibility, and connectivity (4 out of 5)
MSRP of Kyocera Mita EcoSys FS-
The D monochrome laser printer costs $530, but is available online and is much more affordable, ranging from $299 to $399.
But TCO of Kyocera (
Total cost of ownership)calculator (linked below)
Using Kyocera\'s own price calculates savings over 36 months compared to the cost of a competitor\'s printer and ink, so online purchases save more than their chart shows.
Although I found three dealers in 35 miles from my home in North New York, Kyoceras is not available in every office product store.
There is a place on their website to buy the locator where you can enter your zip code and the printer products you are interested in.
The standard printer has 32 MB of memory and can be upgraded to 544 MB.
The supported operating systems are Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10. x and Linux.
Optional IB-
23 network interface, you have more choices (see chart).
The printer equipped with a network card retails from Kyocera at $749, which makes it within the price range of other workgroup printers, but FS 1. 5dn, otherwise, at $429 and above, the same product as FS d can be found online.
For working group printers with speeds of 30 ppm, copiers and extremely low operating costs, this is a very decent price. Features (5 out of 5)
Its rated power is 30 ppm, warm up for 19 seconds and then take low
End 6 seconds and spit out the first photo.
After that, every two to three seconds there will be a printed page.
While this is certainly not spectacular, it will sit happily in the corner and take out as many copies as it wants, with a capacity of up to 250 paper drawers.
One 250 paper tray is standard and two other 250 paper tray drawers can be purchased with a total capacity of 800 sheets.
There is also a multimedia tray of 50 sheets.
Put more paper on it. after six seconds, it began to take it away again.
There is a letter of paper size to the law in the drawer, a multi-functional tray (MPT)
Can handle the same, as well as the media size between 2. 8 x 5. 8 inches to 8. 5 x 14 inches.
It is printed on plain paper, recycled paper, Clear Film, labels and letters.
The weight of the paper can be increased from 16-pound bonds in the standard drawer to 32-pound bonds, and with MPT, the weight of the paper can be increased from 16 to 110.
It is capable of 1200 dpi resolution and can be printed in fine 1200 mode (
1200x12000 dpi)
Fast 1200 mode (1800 x 600 dpi)
, 600x600 dpi and 300x300 dpi.
The standard duplicator can handle bonds of between 16 and 28 lbs, ranging in size from letters to legal documents, and for paper of letter size, the duplicator speed is 15 ppm.
Instead of a traditional control panel, it uses six green and orange LEDs on the dial, along with the green and orange buttons to start or stop the print job.
Its standard is equipped with automatic copiers-a replacement for many low-end commercial printers-a toner cartridge with a rated capacity of 3600 pages, power cord, no USB cable and software. It is 15 x 15.
5x10 inch and 22 pounds and of course easy to put in the corner of the table.
The drum has a three-year or 100000 Mark warranty but is expected to last longer. Supply costs (5 out of 5)The TK-
132 toner cartridges, 7200 pages, range from $80 to $97.
Each box is priced at $86.
At the low end, the result is 1. 11 cents per page
Moreover, the drum life of Kyocera FS d is very long, so the hidden cost is not large.
This is the cheapest price per page on any monochrome laser printer I haven\'t commented on yet.
In the high-end market, the $97 toner cartridge is just over $1. 34 cents per page
It is also a very respectable person.
When you initially load the first toner cartridge, it takes about 15 minutes for the printer to initially charge
Although Kyocera assured users that this istime situation.
Kyocera has created a total cost of ownership calculator where you can enter the Kyocera printer you are interested in and compare it to most other printers on the market.
Or you can enter your competitor\'s printer, Kyocera will enter the printer they think is the most similar to your choice.
The calculator will look at the hardware cost per printer, then look at the consumable cost of the printer and show you the cost chart for 36 months.
They noted that they were unable to calculate the cost of service and maintenance, and that they used the cartridges of the highest production produced by competitors for that printer because they were unable to know the cost of third-party ink. User reviews (4 out of 5)
User reviews are usually very positive.
While they do point out that this is the low end of ppm for workgroup printers, one user commented that it prints dense text 8 times faster than his 17 ppm inkjet printer.
For home offices and small offices, it is certainly within the acceptable range, and if equipped with optional network capacity, it is a usable printer for working groups, especially those that are low cost per page
Text quality is considered pretty good for office and external documents, which not all faster network laser printers can claim.
It also has a high rating for charts and tables that are suitable for distribution to customers.
Due to its gray-scale photographic reproduction capability, it is not recommended to use, even in 1200 dpi print mode, reports of weak patterns will be displayed.
One user pointed out that there is a problem with keeping the top and bottom edges safely, so print on A4 media in A5 landscape mode, and the text deviates from the center on the left or right.
No other user complained about paper shifting.
It won an award from a business lab company. (BLI)Conclusion (5 out of 5)
Kyocera Mita EcoSys FS-
D monochrome laser printer unknown-
However, it is the same as other printers on the Kyocera production line and is worth a try.
For personal printers, the price is a bit expensive and when purchased online, for small offices, the price is within a reasonable range.
Of course, even considering the price of network capacity (FS 1300DN)
For the working group, this should be considered, especially those working groups that produce large quantities of paper but hardly require immediate copying.
The total cost of ownership of Kyocera Display is absolutely excellent.
If you need a large number of copies, you can save for years by just paying a penny on one page --
This printer has been in use for many years.
Since the quality of the text is good enough to be presented to customers and is a standard copier, it is possible to ignore the need to refill the printer with paper more often than larger, more expensive laser printers.
Kyocera may not be a household name.
But it should look like an office word.
In the future, Bright Hub will focus on other printers and MFPs of Kyocera.
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