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by:LCD Mall     2020-06-26
Digital Photo Frames continue to recover due to improved display and wireless connectivity.
This time, I\'m looking at HP\'s DF1050TW at a moderate price of 10. 1-inch Wi-
The model of the connection.
First of all, some digital photo frames do a great job of imitating the physical look of the frame.
HP DF1050TW looks like a tablet
Tablets of the 2010 era.
It has glossy plastic in white, black or rose gold with a bezel of about 1 inch (
Slightly narrow side, thicker top and bottom)
There are obvious rounded corners.
There is an HP logo in the middle of the bottom border, so you won\'t fool anyone into thinking it\'s an actual photo frame.
The back is bent down into a large base, protruding about 3 inch.
This means that there is no wall installation, you can\'t adjust the angle of the display, there is no option to use the frame in portrait mode instead of landscape mode, you can\'t pick it up like a tablet to use it
Touch screen though.
Also, there is a USB port and SD card slot where photos can be physically loaded easily and the base makes the whole thing very stable.
The connection options over the past few years, digital photo frames have become one thing again for several reasons.
The display panels are more affordable, so manufacturers have been manufacturing the latest generation of these devices with larger panels with higher resolution and better viewing angles.
In other words, the photos shown now look much better than when digital photo frames first became popular in late 1990 and early 2000.
However, one of the major features that set off a new round of popularity in the product category is the internet connection, through which people can easily share photos on smartphones.
However, not everyone is a fan of wireless uploads.
Setting up this capability does require an app and skipping a few links, and some are wary of individual shooting clouds.
This HP Digital Photo Frame offers the best photos in the world.
It has a large display with touch support and decent resolution as well as Wi-
Fi internet connection in order to upload photos from any place with Internet connection via app (
You can also enable friends or family to upload photos to photo frames remotely for sharing).
But it also supports uploading images directly using physical media such as SD cards or USB thumb drives.
No matter how you want to upload the photo to the HP DF1050TW, this digital photo frame has the required connection options.
HP photo frame app (
Free for IOS and Android)
Is basic, probably the weakest part of experience.
Once connected (
Use a unique frame ID or QR code)
It\'s easy enough to use it to upload photos from your smartphone to the HP framework, but you can\'t use photos on the app admin framework
After uploading, if you want to delete them, someone has to delete them manually from the framework.
The main purpose of digital photo frames is to display digital photos.
People won\'t use it if they don\'t look good.
Earlier versions of the LCD panel had low resolution and poor color reproduction, and from an angle the situation would only get worse.
Frames tend to be small in order to reduce costs and reduce resolution.
The situation has improved a lot.
There are 10 HP DF1050TW. 1-
1280x800 monitor (HD)resolution.
Even looking at the photos from the opposite side of the room, this is a big size.
The resolution is not as high as some digital frames (
For example, the resolution of the Halo frame I reviewed last year was x 1536 pixels in 2048)
But it looks crisp enough from a few feet away.
Close to the HP frame, yes, you can tell the texture of a single pixel, but most people watch these things from far enough and look really good.
The monitor is a TFT panel that provides good color reproduction and acceptable brightness, although not as good as the IPS panel at extreme angles.
The sensor automatically adjusts the brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions.
The aspect ratio of 16: 10 will also disappoint some people.
If not cropped or scaled, it means that there may be black bars for photos taken on smartphones and SLR cameras (
This will be more eye-catching on the frames of white and rose gold).
Overall, considering the price of the digital framework
It\'s about $160.
It does a good job of showing the main work of the photo.
The touch screen interface operation of the HP DF1050TW is more like a tablet than a \"dumb\" frame.
The device has its own operating system, touch screen operation.
The function of the navigation framework is intuitive, and the menu can control copying files to local storage and controlling slide operation (
Include select pictures/folders and transition effects)
, Rotate or resize the image, and Wi-Fi setup.
There are additional onboard features, including the ability to play background music, set up time alerts, and display clocks when they are not used to view photos.
Main specifications of HP DF1050TW: it is not a simple recommendation to recommend HP DF1050TW.
If you have a budget, plan to use the frame yourself and don\'t care about wall hanging --
Ability, then the HP framework may do the job well.
It is also an option for those who wish to be able to easily stand aside
In addition to wireless Upload, photos can also be loaded.
Good image quality but not very good
The resolution may be higher and the IPS panel will be improved --
Although turning to digital photo frames that solve these problems will mean spending more money.
The biggest stumbling block is that it doesn\'t really play the potential of connecting frames.
If you are looking for a digital framework as a gift for the purpose of sharing photos with recipients, the limitations of remote photo management can be of concern.
Disclosure: HP provided an assessment framework but did not provide any input into this review.
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