research teardown details why the new iphone 5 only costs apple $207 to make

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Analysts predict that Apple may sell more than 46 vehicles.
The 5 million iPhone 5S this Christmas, and researchers predict that smartphone sales by all manufacturers around the world will grow in full due to the new device, and people are looking forward to the new phone. In fact, pre-
The order was very active and Apple had to stop the order and postpone the delivery date to keep up with the demand and manufacturing restrictions.
Research firm IHS iSuppli made a virtual disassembly of the iPhone 5 and learned from the inside about the cost of Apple\'s essential product production
Gadget of 2012.
This virtual disassembly information is based on an analysis of the specifications announced by Apple, as well as information about known components and suppliers.
List of materials for NewiPhone 5 (BOM)of $199. 00for the low-
Preliminary virtual disassembly based on IHS iSuppli disassembly analysis service, final Model 16 gb NAND flash memory. When the $8.
Among the 00 manufacturing costs, the cost of producing the iPhone 5 has risen to $207. 00.
For the 32g byte version of the iPhone 5, the BOM cost has increased to $209.
00, while the 64Gbyte version is estimated to be $230.
00, as shown in the following table.
The research firm notes that these disassembly assessments are preliminary and take into account only hardware and manufacturing costs, excluding other costs such as software, licensing, royalties or other expenses.
\"The basic model costs $199.
00 BOM, the components of the iPhone 5 are expected to be slightly more expensive compared to the iPhone 4S model, \"said Andrew Rassweiler, senior chief analyst at IHS disassembly services. “The low-
End iPhone 4S with same memory density as base
The BOM for the IPhone 5 is $188.
00, according to preliminary estimates released by IHS in October 2011.
While the price of some components such as NAND flash memory has declined over the past year, the overall BOM of the iPhone 5 has increased, mainly because its display and wireless subsystem are more expensive than the iPhone 4S.
\"Like previous models, the most expensive subsystem in the iPhone 5 is estimated to be an integrated, built-in display
Battery touch sensing. At $44.
00, this subsystem is more expensive than a total of $37.
According to the price in October 2011, the iPhone\'s 4S display screen uses a separate touch screen.
This is because the display of the iPhone 5 is larger. at 4.
0 inch diagonal, contrast 3.
IPhone 5 inch 4S-
And the new content.
\"The IPhone 5 took a big technically step, which we didn\'t see anywhere else
Touch sense on the phone, \"Rassweiler said.
\"Most other smartphone LCD uses a completely different capacitive touch screen assembly that is physically separate and placed on top of the display.
The IPhone 5 integrates the touch layer part into the display glass, making the product thinner and reducing the number of parts needed to build a touch-aware display without the need for a separate capacitive touch layer.
In the past, smart phones with capacitive touch technology used different vendors on display screens and touch screens.
However, Samsung has made its first progress beyond the traditional capacitive touchcell touch.
All Samsung Super AMOLED screens used in smartphones are in-
Cell technology is sold as an integrated display/touch screen unit for Samsung.
When smartphone manufacturers buy Super AMOLED displays from Samsung, they integrate touch capabilities.
This not only simplifies the design of smartphone products, but also makes it thinner. Apple’s in-
Cell technology represents beyond on-
The cell is realized by integrating the touch sensing function into the display.
Separate touch screen components are not involved;
Instead, one unit comes directly from three known monitor vendors for the iPhone 5LG Display Co. Ltd.
Japan Display Companyand Sharp Corp.
It is estimated that the speed 4g lte technology will increase the cost of the iPhone 5 wireless part to $34.
00, compared to about $24.
The time for IPhone 4S is 00.
\"We believe Apple is implementing LTE in a particularly novel way,\" Rassweiler said . \".
\"Ideally, Apple wants to sell an iPhone in all markets.
However, having to support so many different LTE frequencies around the world has become a difficult thing.
For most smartphone manufacturers, the solution is to build different smartphone variants for each carrier so that they don\'t spend extra money on excess components.
However, this is not the way Apple does.
\"Instead, Apple\'s approach is to package all the features required by as many operators as possible with a product.
Nevertheless, this will be difficult to do in this case.
IHS believes that there are at least two different versions of the iPhone 5-
Each product has multi-band filters, which will enable Apple to support as many global markets as possible with as few product versions as possible.
In some ways, this is an expensive way to do business, but by keeping as few changes as possible, Apple has taken its advantage in product design.
\"The iPhone 5 is expected to use a similar LTE wireless subsystem in the iPad 3, but there is at least one major enhancement.
The wireless part of the IPad 3 is based on Qualcomm. ’s first-
LTE baseband processor MDM9600 and its RTR8600 RF transceiver.
However, in the iPhone 5, Apple is expected to adopt Qualcomm\'s
The MDM9615 baseband processor uses more advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology to reduce power consumption.
Another major upgrade to the IPhone 5 is the use of the A6 processor, compared to the A5 in the iPhone 4S.
The A6 is estimated to be a little more expensive, $17.
50, compared to $15.
00 for A5, based on the pricing of the iPhone 4S when it is launched.
According to preliminary understanding, A6 has double-
Core processors and several graphics processors
Processing unit to improve performance.
Samsung is expected to become the manufacturer of the a6.
However, because this is an apple
The chips designed by Samsung are expected to be manufactured on a foundry basis rather than as Apple\'s semiconductor supplier.
IHS speculated that the A6 was made using at least 32nm of process geometry and even more advanced 28nm technology.
This will be determined during IHS iSuppli physical hardware disassembly.
The 16gb NAND flash in the IPhone 5 is expected to cost $10.
It dropped sharply from $19 to $40.
20, based on the pricing in October 2011.
\"As the manufacturing process for these storage chips becomes more advanced, the price of NAND flash continues to decline,\" Rassweiler said . \".
\"Because Apple is the world\'s largest buyer of NAND flash memory, it has received a favorable price.
Our price estimates reflect the huge impact Apple has on the market.
\"With the new Google Android devices also flooding the market, all the fuss about the new smartphone is not only good for the tech industry, but also for video game makers.
Electronic art shows real racing cars on new devices on stage at the center of San Francisco\'s Yerba Buena.
Epic Games will also launch its best-selling Infinity Blade series for the device.
Game makers will continue to ramp up current and upcoming games to take advantage of new screens and processing power, making the iPhone 5 such a hit.
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