posiflex introduces stylish new line of touch screen terminals and 32” screen kiosk at nrf 2018

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-24
Posiflex has launched a stylish touch screen terminal and a 32 \"screen booth at NRF 2018 Posiflex, launching a new game
Replace touch screen and kiosk products for retail, hotel and healthcare industries and will be in the National Retail Federation (NRF)
Show 2018, Booth 3453.
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On January 11, 2018, Posiflex launched a new series of dynamic touch screen terminals, which embodies Posiflex and point-of-sale hardware—the RT series.
The RT series, with its elegant housing and very thin form factor, offers a welcome addition to the product line of Posiflex, with two variants: theRT2000 and rt5000.
The press release features multimedia.
Check out the full version here: the Posiflex RT series has versions 15 \"/4: 9 or 15.
6 \"/16: 9 widescreen projection capacitor display. (Phot . . .
The Posiflex RT series has 15 \"/4: 9 or 15.
6 \"/16: 9 widescreen projection capacitor display. (
Photo: Commercial wire)
The brand new RT series offers a choice of 15 \"/4: 3 screens or 15.
6 \"/16: 9 widescreen.
RT2000 with Intel®®Saiyang®J1900 4 core processor, 2mb cache, 2.
0 GHz, 4gb dd3l memory and 64gb SSD.
RT5000 running Intel®Core™I5-
6300 Skylake dual core processor, 3mb Smart Cache, 2.
40 ghz, 4gb of dd4 memory and 128GB of SSD.
\"POS terminal is no longer just a cold and hard business tool;
It has developed into an extension of the brand, providing more dynamic
Owen Chen, president and CEO of posiflex Technology, Inc.
\"The new RT series exudes simple elegance and a perfect look on the countertop, with no screws on the surface.
Its modern and stunning design can fit into any decoration, while the terminal improves quality, performance, and long term
Our customers look forward to the term durability from Posiflex.
\"The RT series has a smart design back cover that can be easily disassembled without tools for quick and easy use.
The base also includes advanced cable management design to minimize cable clutter.
The RT series continues the famous tradition of Posiflex reliability.
A little less spill and dust
Strong and durable for a variety of markets and environments.
Point from one of the leading touch screen terminal providers-of-saleand point-of-
With the launch of the new Apollo since 1984, Posiflex has continued to expand the itsKT series kiosk product line.
With a 32-inch projection capacitive touch screen display, the Apollo Pavilion is easily adapted to shops, restaurants, theaters, theme parks and virtually any self-contained
The kiosk is suitable.
Following the successful launch of Stellar kiosk 2017, Apollo with a large-format display is powered by Intel®Core™I3-
6100 UProcessor, 4GB of DDR4 memory and 64gb or larger SSD.
Apollo\'s stylish footprint makes it easy to adapt to its environment, and supports or wall racks can be deployed even in areas with minimal floor space.
The Apollo standard is equipped with a built-in
In the 3 \"receipt printer, a variety of integrated modular options can be used, including EMV paymentdevices, MSR, NFC, fingerprint reader, 2D barcode scanner, front-end-
Facing cameras and proximity sensors.
Supported by renowned Posiflex quality and reliability, our customers can expect, coupled with performance and functional flexibility, Apollokiosk is the ideal solution for all self-serviceservice needs.
With regard to PosiflexPosiflex, it has excellent touch screen terminal and peripheral quality and has designed reliability from the beginning.
Since 1984, positive reliability has stood the test of time after rigorous pre-and post-manufacturing and on-site testing by third parties. www. posiflexusa.
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Contact Information: Posiflex business machine mark Turangan, 510-401-
5891 North American market manager.
Turangan @ posiflexusa.
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