pioneer avic-w8400nex review: flagship option for getting carplay in your vehicle

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-21
My main vehicle is 2008 Nissan Pathfinder.
It started in a few years, but there is no real urgency to replace it.
I work from home so poor gas mileage during commuting is not a problem (
My wife has a fuel efficient car we use to run errands).
I \'ve been dragging a heavy camping trailer with Pathfinder all summer.
No car-
Based on the \"suv\" with the same traction capacity on the market \".
In addition, it makes three teenagers relatively comfortable during the above camping trip and can accommodate our two big dogs.
One thing I hate, though, is the factory sound system.
No Bluetooth, no USB, no audio input.
Only radio and CD players.
I would love to have a navigation system, Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay, but it\'s not worth replacing the truck to get these. But. . .
With a third-party option, Pioneer gave me the opportunity to test their flagship AVIC --
W8400NEX head unit
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
This is the sound of my factory. Meh.
This is how the installation process looks at the midpoint.
Obviously, I don\'t think it\'s a job I can do.
Part of the installation also includes hiding the microphone at the back
Two-handed rearview mirror-
Free voice interaction.
This is pioneer aviation industry-
The W8400NEX looks like it will run Apple CarPlay.
When I first sat down to see the new system, it was almost overwhelming.
How did the installer pass?
For nearly an hour of meetings, but the vast amount of features AVIC provides
W8400NEX is shocking.
It can also be customized almost indefinitely, including screen brightness, background, display color, and a range of navigation options --
For example, would you like a description based on a truck or car?
Features like HD Radio and hidden DVD/CD player.
The user manual is punched at page 186!
However, once I start using it every day, panic is replaced by appreciation of the level of detail available.
The use of the system also quickly became intuitive.
There are a few physical buttons on the panel, they are like the \"home\" button, which brings you back to basics, while the touch screen is used to gain insight into features and settings, and interact with features such as navigation.
The volume also has a physical button, which I appreciate.
I \'ve heard too many horror stories about some new cars and asked the driver to check the display panel and navigate the menu to find the volume control. . .
Apple CarPlay is very shocking on this system. The main reason I want to replace the old stereo system is Apple CarPlay (
I\'m a guy with an iPhone).
Pioneer of AVIC industry
The W8400NEX supports CarPlay and Android Auto, but you choose to activate one or the other.
When the stereo is powered on, wireless, or connected to the lighting cable via USB, my iPhone is automatically connected, which also keeps the iPhone charged.
At this point, the default pioneer display is replaced by the Apple CarPlay user interface, and Pioneer\'s NEX can take you back to the local system as a button.
CarPlay is everything I want on this system.
I can play the list and use the Apple map. Siri hands-
Free means that if someone text me while I\'m driving, Siri will announce the text, read aloud and ask if I want to dictate a reply.
Speech recognition is already on site.
I\'m not sure if this is a microphone, Siri or a combination of the two, but I\'m very happy with that.
Even though I like CarPlay, I prefer to use pioneer\'s own navigation system instead of Apple Maps.
It comes with the latest detailed maps (from HERE)for the U. S.
Canada and Puerto Rico.
You can switch views from 2D to 3D, including points of interest, display traffic signs, and provide turnsby-Turn.
Because everything is stored on the machine, there is no mobile data usage.
This feature is not available in my city, but the navigation system provides free, real
Time traffic data in the United StatesS.
And cities in Canada.
Beautiful, responsive touch screen games and navigation wouldn\'t be great if it wasn\'t used by the display panel pioneer. This is a 7-
Inch capacitive touch screen panel with 800x480 pixel resolution.
Even in the bright sun, it is bright, clear and readable and darkens at night.
Everything pops up on it, it has enough resolution to eliminate cool effects like Blur, semi-blur, etc.
When playing music using CarPlay, transparent album art in the background.
The display is very responsive even in extreme cold conditions.
I jumped into the Pathfinder today and started it and immediately started sliding on AVIC
W8400NEX menu, yes-
There were 20 degrees Celsius here at that time (-4 Fahrenheit).
Improved audio performance the factory speakers that came with my truck stayed the same, but the pioneer unit was able to drive them in a more satisfying way than the original stereo.
Pioneer\'s amplifier is obviously more powerful than the factory unit, but it also has a 13-band EQ (
There are also many presets)
This allows you to really customize the sound.
This is a good reward, but the audio is significantly better than the original stereo. Pioneer AVIC-
W8400NEX Key Specifications: disadvantages of upgrade?
In addition to the initial adjustment period, is there any negative impact from the 2008 vintage standard car stereo upgrade to the Pioneer AVIC industryW8400NEX?
Well, Pioneer has a firmware update to install-
On my old school stereo, I have never been worried.
I was a little worried that someone would try to break into my truck to get the stereo (
No removable panel for this model)—
This is something that has never really entered the equation before.
It\'s just picky, though.
Upgrade of pioneer aviation industry-
The W8400NEX has made overwhelming positive progress.
Even if you pay $1,200 for retail, Pioneer AVIC-
Compared to the cost of new cars including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, W8400NEX is a drop. . .
That is, there are cheaper third-party hosts that support Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto (
Including other models of pioneer).
But Pioneer aviation industry
W8400NEX is the company\'s flagship product.
It has almost all the features you might want. Its 7-
Inch touch screen display is bright, clear, responsive and happy to use.
Even though I have a history of more than ten years, driving my truck feels like a modern experience.
Plus it actually makes the audio sound significantly better --
Even though it\'s still using factory speakersand I’m sold.
Disclosure: Pioneer provided an assessment system but did not provide any input to this review.
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