pinphone 3gs x6 was announced with other two quad band phones by sourcinggate china

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-25
The band is just a system used by mobile phones to communicate with the Internet, as well as to call others and send text messages.
Each band works at a different frequency, and in the past the phone only supported access to a specific frequency, so only one specific band was supported.
However, over time, more and more bands have been incorporated into the phone, and the phones that can only support one or two bands have become blurred, leaving basically two types of phones: Tri-
Band and band four.
In the absence of technical details, the four-band phone is basically a mobile phone that can work in almost any country in the world.
So, if you\'re never going to leave the US, it\'s okay to have a three-frequency call.
In fact, a dual-band phone, such as Motorola\'s first i856, can even pass.
Here is an explanation: the four \"bands\" mentioned in the \"four bands\" are actually four different GSM cell phone frequencies.
These are: * 850 MHz * 900 MHz * 1800 MHz * 1900 MHz, now let\'s take a look at three common four-band phones: PinPhone 3GS ()
We highly recommend the touch screen phone from China, PinPhone 3GS.
As the title shows, the most obvious feature is multiple
The touch function on the capacitive sharp touch screen different from other mobile phones.
It provides users with features like \"pinch\" to be able to move your two fingers in or out to produce a \"zoom in\" or \"zoom out\" effect.
Amazing Big 3. 5-
The inch HVGA touch display has a resolution of up to 480x320 pixels with stunning image clarity and clarity.
When it comes to the iPhone, it is inevitable to talk about the thickness of the phone body.
This airline phone number
The performance of the phone is as good as the iPhone.
The phone is slim and only about 6mm thick.
Put it in your pocket or bag and you can\'t even feel it.
The slim body is comparable to the iPhone.
In addition, the smooth surface of the mobile phone body will create a very comfortable feel.
Light weight for easy transportation. A large 3.
The 6 inch high resolution touch screen takes up most of the front panel.
The touch screen is sensitive and accurate in operation.
Find a 2 in the back.
0Mp camera supporting two photos
Capture and video
Shooting, duration of storage.
The SIM card slot is directly below the camera lens.
This ultra-thin phone is built in 2GB and 88 MB on the inside, enough to store the phone.
Strong WiFi worldwide
3. Use the mobile phone.
2 inch touch screen and classic bar phone design!
What are the features of Tianxin H168 world mobile phone (1)WiFi (2)Quad-
With GSM connection (3)
Two SIM card slots (
Dual SIM with double stay)(4)
Rich options for featured SMS, MMS, EMS and voicemail messages (5)
The versatility of mobile phone multimedia function has reached a new level. (1)
No matter where the hotspot or wireless connection is, you can access the Internet (
Everywhere these days! )-
Coffee shops, airports, libraries, restaurants, etc. (2)Quad-
H168 mobile phone supports four standard GSM frequencies in the world (
850 MHz 900 MHz 1800 MHz 1900 MHz)
So you can believe it can work anywhere in the world. (3)
Two SIM card slots (
Dual SIM with double stay)
There are two SIM card slots with dual slots
Standby, Tianxin H168 is very suitable for people who want to keep two mobile phone numbers (
Individuals and businesses)
In a smartphone.
It is also a very convenient feature for anyone who travels frequently between countries. (4)
Rich featured SMS, MMS, EMS and voicemail message options stext messages and picture messages are now more than just a luxury and it is indeed a necessary feature for any phone.
When using Tianxin H168, you can use the screen keyboard to send regular SMS, picture or video MMS to send and receive emails through the mobile phone pp3 integration (EMS)
, Even send and receive voice messages, this is your choice! (5)Multimedia (
Almost endless choices)
Push the media to the extreme!
Two camera lenses, MP3 player, MP4 player (front and back)
Ebook reader, accelerometer motion control, game, image viewer, camera, camera, Java and recorder.
If all these options are not enough, then of course you can entertain yourself online.
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