nokia n8 delivering an hefty punch!

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-21
Indeed, 2010 is not a particularly positive year for the Finnish mobile veteran.
Things like HTC Desire and countless BlackBerry smartphones have eroded the market share it has enjoyed so far.
The advent of Nokia\'s flagship phone, the Nokia N8, has made Nokia\'s life happier.
Nokia N8 proves to the world that Nokia can launch a real world beating machine beyond more traditional smartphones and ordinary smartphones.
Nokia clearly believes that the Nokia N8 will not be labeled as a Nokia phone because it does not have anything unique or new to offer.
First of all, Nokia completely removes the shackles on the Symbian 3 operating system, thus eliminating any fear of another slow and non-compliant operating system.
The move won Nokia half of the victory.
The rest is simple.
Simply put, it is feasible to add as many high-end smartphone items as possible to the Nokia N8.
The established mobile phone company ensures that only the best and best people can enter the Nokia N8.
The results can be seen by everyone.
Nokia gave up its preference for resistance types and boldly launched a capacitive touch screen that supports OLED. At 3.
The Nokia N8 is 5 inch wide, with the help of 360x640 pixel resolution and even the most bland visuals.
The 1 Ghz processor is responsible for injecting life and energy into various functions.
Of course, the shower is still a powerful 12-pixel camera device.
By the way, the Nokia N8 happens to be the second smartphone with a 12-pixel snapper.
For Nokia, the rest is actually easy, and the Nokia N8 deal has a certain price/performance ratio, making sure that this magnificent phone is also sold at a cheap price like many other Nokia phones.
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