nokia brings back 8110 matrix phone with snake game, 25-day battery life

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-07
Nokia\'s retro 8110 matrix phone is back.
The company released an updated version of its curved phone, which first appeared in 1996, and was known by matrix at the Mobile World Congress.
The phone is a high
End devices for more than $1000 have cool features like monochrome graphics LCD and slides
Make it the most popular mechanism
After the phone call in late 1990.
This phone may not have any features of your current smartphone, but it does have 25-
The battery life of the day, Nokia\'s famous Snake game, will give you a sense of authorization when you slide the keyboard cover to answer the phone.
Nokia said the new version of the phone was \"inspired\" by the original phone, a dumbphone with 2. 4-
Inch QVGA curved display, 4g connection, low
High-end Qualcomm 205 chip, RAM 512 MB, storage 4GB (
There is also a microSD card slot), a 2-
Rear camera and 1,500 battery.
The good news is that phones can also handle a range of apps including Facebook, Exchange Mail, and Snake.
The phone is available in black or yellow and will be available from May worldwide.
What features does Nokia 8110 have? -
The Slider phone now supports VoLTE calls and 4g connections-
It runs on a smart feature operating system powered by Qualcomm 205 dual core processor, 4GB storage, 512MB LPDDR3 RAM and 1500mAh batteryIt has a 2. 4-
Inch QVGA curved display with 2MP rear camera. -
May will provide a feature phone. -
The price is 79 euros, or about 133 NZ dollars. -
As originally, bend to fit the shape of the face and have a quick cover for unlocking the phone or answering the phone. -
The screen is colored now and it has a 25-
Battery life.
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