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by:LCD Mall     2020-07-30
Google\'s Nexus 7 tablet is not surprising.
Nor is it the fact that I was able to review the product a few hours after the device was released.
For years, Google has had an incredible habit of not only making major announcements at the I/O event, but then immediately sharing what it shows with developers and media members.
This year has surpassed the peak.
Google not only released the new 7-
The Nexus 7 tablet costs $199, but it also launched a new version of Android (4. 1)
Upgraded the flagship phone called jelly beans. . .
Nexus Q was launched.
Perhaps the weirdest thing is that Q is a spherical media player/amp that provides wired audio and video output for all your Google content.
But obviously the main course is tablets.
The price experience of Google shares will obviously hurt Amazon\'s Kindle Fire and shake the potential buyers of Apple\'s low-priced productsend iPad 2.
So far, Android has stumbled as a tablet platform.
Can Google finally start to make an impact in an increasingly crowded market?
Read on for my full review.
Asus hardware and design for a $200 tablet
The build and style of the Nexus 7 is impressive.
Like most other tablets, the main thing you see is smooth blackBorder display.
In this case, the display is surrounded by a matte silver band that looks like metal but is hard plastic.
On the back, the device is soft covered
Feel, the material of the dimples with the feeling of tight leather.
Interestingly, Matias Duarte, director of design for Android, told me that the idea was to mimic the \"Steve McQueen style\" driving gloves --
There must be some effect.
On the bottom ridge of the device is a micro USB port on the right side (
In portrait mode)
You will find the volume rocker and the sleep/power button.
On the left edge, there is a surface \"pogo plug\" connector for the docking station, on the front of the Nexus, with a small camera embedded in the upper border.
Piece weight 0. 74 pounds (
Compare the 0 of the Kindle Fire. 9 pounds), is 0.
41 inch thick (
The new iPad is 0. 37 inches)
Measures 7. 8 inches by 4.
Up 7 inch and crossing, respectively.
It feels good to hold it in your hand.
This soft backing gives me the impression that it is completely different from other tablets in the same category and seems to be more resistant to smearing than fire.
The front border looks a bit too big for the screen size, but when I read a book I found the extra real estate helpful as I had something to grab (
In fact, Duarte told me that the design was intentional, not the victim of cheap parts).
There are some very minor build issues, like if you really press the screen hard, the display makes a little sound that causes the LCD to fluctuate, but most users will never notice that.
Overall, I was impressed by what Asus and Google did with the Nexus 7.
It\'s an elegant, uh-
Make products from a design perspective.
It may not be the most original, thinnest or lightest tablet on the market, but it is definitely a respectable and refined entrant. Bottom line —
This is a tablet that feels better and looks better than any other product in the price range.
Inside the Nexus 7 you will find a four
The core Tegra 3 CPU is locked to 1.
15GHz on 4 cores (or 1.
3 GHz only when running on one)
1 gb ram and 8GB or 16GB onboard storage (
Extra $50 for extra storage).
Sorry, active downloader.
There is no microSD slot here.
In fact, the back plate of the Nexus 7 is not removable at all.
The device is also packaged in Bluetooth 4. 0, Wi-Fi 802.
11b/g/n with GPS chip, NFC, gyro, compass and accelerometer.
It also has a 1. 2-Millions of pixels ago
Facing the camera, and the speakers embedded in the back of the device, and the speakers that look like a pair (
There are two identical holes)of built-in microphones.
Except for things like Google Hangouts, that camera is really useless.
Although it will certainly finish the work.
If you\'re one of those people who likes to take pictures with a tablet-
First of all, you\'re a shame.
Second, you may have bad luck here.
No camera app on the device.
You can find the third one.
Party replacement, I did get a job offer, but most popular camera apps don\'t even show up in the Play Store.
There is no 3g or 4g cellular service on board, and storage restrictions may bother some users, but there is nothing to complain about for a tablet at such a price.
In terms of pure specs, there is nothing here to stop the Nexus 7 from being as useful and usable as larger rivals and competitors --even the iPad.
The Nexus 7 has a 1280x800 LCD display with \"Corning glass\" painted on it, which I think means Gorilla Glass.
The screen is 216 ppi if you keep countingand it shows.
7-the text and image on it looks clear and clearinch screen —
It is not the quality of retina display, nor is it too far.
The color on the screen looks a bit faded compared to the Galaxy Nexus\'s Super AMOLED, but I\'ll attribute it to the exaggerated saturation of the phone\'s screen.
Next to the new iPad, things look a little more balanced.
The perspective is also surprisingly good, although I didn\'t spend much time looking outside the screen --center.
Don\'t be afraid of those of you who do.
The performance and battery life of the Nexus 7 are excellent. Snappy.
If you want.
We already know that the Tegra 3 chipset is not lazy at all and feels particularly lazy-
This tablet is free of charge.
The overall performance of the operating system is excellent
Android 4 is no doubt helpful.
It is said that its \"Butter Project\" program has greatly improved the touch response and fluency in Android.
The opening and closing speed of the application is also very fast, and the use speed is also very fast.
In particular, 3D games optimized for the Tegra chipset look amazing, with stable frame rates, and basic tasks such as multitasking are almost immediate.
I do have some minor complaints about some of the scrolling actions I see.
I think that in order to smooth and stabilize the performance of Android, Google may have some very small \"snapshot\" problems when scrolling quickly.
This is definitely a software issue in my opinion, but I don\'t see a similar issue on the Galaxy Nexus, so it\'s still a question mark.
In short, sometimes when you scroll quickly (
For example, on the home screen)
, Scrolling does not follow your finger, but instead grabs the page back to the page you are trying to leave.
I only see this happen occasionally when I move around at speed, so I don\'t think most users will notice or care. It’s a nitpick. . .
But that\'s what I got paid.
So far, the battery life seems to be fairly stable for a short period of time I tested --
Of course, what should you expect for equipment of this size and for this technical footprint.
In our fault test, I squeezed out about six hours from a fully charged device.
Now, the brightness reaches 65% as the web page loads continuously.
Games, watching videos and mileage when using more CPU-
Dense applications will obviously make a difference.
When using the Nexus 7 for simple tasks such as video and music playback, I also expect a significant increase in battery life, which enables Tegra 3 to restore power
Sip on \"companion core\" but you won\'t stay at such a low unless you use it as an over-grown PMP or you\'re flying long distances
Power mode forever.
Overall, the amount of electricity consumed is relatively predictable, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.
When I finished recharging, I found myself not up to the speed of recharging, and I expect most users to have a similar experience.
The software is an important part of the Nexus 7 tablet, and of course, it\'s the latest version of Jelly Bean for Android.
The release of the device is not only significant for its hardware and price --
In some ways, software it sports is really the main attraction.
Google made great progress in the usability and design of ice cream sandwiches last year, based on what I saw in the latest version, the company did not show signs of slowing down when it adjusted and improved the operating system.
First of all, the butter project is very different.
According to the company representative, Jelly Bean now has a higher screen animation and moving frame rate than any previous version of the software.
In addition, the company has improved finger tracking to make the touch more accurate and natural;
Historically, Android devices have lagged behind iOS in touch responsiveness, so this is a big deal.
In practice, jelly beans do look smoother and cleaner than ICS, although I don\'t think it\'s a big change from 4. 0.
If you are used to the feeling of Android, like a complete and cohesive operating system, this will only enhance the feeling.
But in general things like multitasking and getting in and out of the app look faster and react faster, and the long wait for the list of apps waiting for you to pop up seems to be almost killed.
There are other types of cleanup in the operating system.
For example, the application selection dialog box that allows you to select a handler for a specific task is now more intuitive.
Roboto has also grown a little --
Duarte told me that the company has created a new weight for the font and you can see the robot glowing on the OS.
In the new, easier-to-read notification, it looks particularly appealing.
Speaking of which, the notification has changed a lot and the window shadow popup is now both operational and scalable.
This means that you can see a better view of all the new messages you receive, share the images from your notification bar, and even the email group you\'re going to meet with if you\'re going to be late-
All of this does not require access to the app.
Extended notifications can be turned on and folded with two finger gestures, but I would like Google to add a switch that can fold them all unless otherwise specified --
Sometimes it can be too much information at a time.
You can, too.
Press the notification to jump directly to the app information screen where you will receive a check box to close all notifications for the app.
This is not the most elegant solution I can think of to manage notifications, but it can keep noisy apps quiet.
There are few important changes.
For example, you can now create keyboard shortcuts (text expansion)
In your personal dictionary, emojis are added as optional keysets (huzzah! ).
The back end of the keyboard has also been overhauled, and the new predictive text system will try to guess the next word you will be typing (
Like SwiftKey)
, The company claims that the new algorithm will learn and adapt as you dig.
This is a welcome change because I\'m tired of typing \"tine\" instead of \"time \".
\"Another big change is that dictation can now be processed offline, which means you can make a presentation --to-
Send a text message whether you have a connection or not.
The calendar app has been updated with slight shadows and new colors, while the animation that takes you in and out of the app now sweeps up and down when you select them from multitasker.
Google also cleaned up the menu options in the settings to make its switch more flat and added easier access to the account.
Maps now include new offline options, which makes it easier to select large areas at a time --
It\'s strange though that it doesn\'t allow you to pull the whole city.
Android\'s Chrome also appears as a stock browser on the Nexus 7, and it performs well on the device.
In particular, syncing with your Google account and real, usable tags is the highlight here (as do the easy-to-
Access menu options).
Especially considering this browser version released today for iOS (and its issues)
It\'s clear that Chrome\'s Jelly Bean tablet instance is as close as possible to the desktop experience of mobile products.
The experience was great.
On the home screen, Android is now more iOS-
Just like because the icon will automatically now
Rearrange when moving objects.
Also, widgets that don\'t fit the screen will now resize themselves instead of being rejected.
However, what strikes me as odd is that there is no landscape on the main screen.
Like on the home screen, you can\'t turn the tablet into a landscape.
It\'s actually a bit frustrating when you move home from the landscape app --
I don\'t understand why Google removes this feature that exists in the cellular.
The camera and gallery app also made some adjustments --
A new Windows Phone
Style method to view latest photos.
From this new \"film\" view, you can also throw away pictures you don\'t like, just like you throw away cards in webOS.
Duarte is the mastermind behind the webOS card interface, so it\'s not surprising to see it again here.
Of course, Google has updated and added its content products in Jelly Bean, brought TV purchases to the video store, and added magazine distribution and subscriptions to the new app.
The latter works well (
Better than fire or corner in my opinion)
Although there are quite few options for content now.
As a consumer device, Google has been filling some of the gaps in its ecosystem and even providing users with new widgets to put their content first.
New Game Options make sense and work well with Nexus 7, although they still don\'t match Amazon\'s breadth and depth --
Especially when you consider the main products of the company.
But perhaps the biggest and most important change in jelly beans is the emergence of Google Now --
A great evolution of natural search.
Google now functions like Siri (
Although you can type in or say your question).
It has a very nice, very human
Sounds like a female voice, can read the reply, and it uses logic similar to Siri
Wording questions like \"Where can I find sushi ? \"?
\"Google is now much deeper than speech recognition and artificial intelligence.
It actually learns what you do by searching and starts to recognize patterns.
Also, it will give you information before you request it.
For example, in the short period of time I am using now, I am sure that I am staying at a hotel in San Francisco (sad, I know).
When I went out earlier today, it prompted me to go back in the direction of my \"House.
\"I corrected it, of course, and gave it my actual home address, but the feature is very appealing.
Probably it will provide directions for driving so that I can get home the fastest way I can without being asked.
I have searched several times for the red eye flight I took tonight and now my flight information card is waiting for me when I open Google Now.
According to Duarte and others at Google, it will become smarter and get features over time --
I can see the amazing use of this service.
It\'s not an app, as Matias says, \"it\'s a platform.
\"It\'s far from perfect now, it\'s certainly not perfect --to-
Siri in every department.
But this should not be the case.
After only a few days of use, I was very curious and excited about the possibility of it.
It\'s doing things that computers rarely do in the same annoying situation.
What are you thinking?
So far, it has done relatively well in a limited way.
Now it feels like science fiction in many ways.
Like the technology of the future comes a little early.
The last note about the software.
While Google\'s new OS and latest app plans are very, very good, Android on tablets still lacks the support of developers.
Mainstream apps like Twitter haven\'t been updated to the right tablet yet --
Friendly design while others seem to have optimized it a bit but didn\'t work 100% properly, like pocket.
Some apps are not optimized for tablets in any way at all. The Android 4.
Developers can now use the 1 SDK, so hopefully this will change soon.
There are some very good experiences on Nexus 7
Frankly, even the United Nations
Adjusted Twitter app in 7-inch display —
But if Google is going to really fight its competitors in space, it\'s still a problem that needs to be solved. Wrap-
Google\'s Nexus 7 is not just a good tablet for $200.
This is a good tablet.
In fact, this is the first Android tablet I can confidently recommend to buyers --
Not only because its price is very low (
Although this is definitely helpful). It’s a well-
Designed, powerful, useful product with a lot of fancy stuff that makes it feel like it\'s a device that should be more expensive than it is now.
There are still some problems that need to be solved --
Especially in terms of the expansion of tablet applications and the expansion of content services --
But I don\'t think these are illegal transactions.
The Nexus 7 offers a lot more features than I expected, and it is available in a stylish, smart, reasonably priced package.
Believe it or not, the last time I was surprised by a product of the same quality, it was called the iPad.
Google Nexus 7 and. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet vs. Galaxy Tab 2.
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