newest mobile pentium hits notebooks

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-26
By PCWorld. com Staff (IDG)--
Manufacturers have launched a number of new laptops, most of them using Intel\'s latest and fastest mobile processor 1. 8-
Pentium 4 processor-GHzM.
Dell also announced
Toshiba also released a built-in laptop system on Tuesday.
Wireless features.
Dell\'s Precision workstation M50 is a high
Terminal notebook designed for professional users.
It is now priced at $3,599.
Dell, on the other hand, launched the Inspiron 2650, a slower-running mobile Pentium model for $1,299.
Toshiba is using the new 1. 8-
Pentium 4 processor-GHz
The Tecra 9100 series is one of its new models and is also the first batch to include safety figures (SD)Media slot. The user-
The configurable notebook costs $2,619.
Toshiba\'s $1,399 satellite 1200 is also on the market immediately. in 802. 11b high-
Wireless connection speed.
Compaq announced several new wireless technologies.
The two notebooks feature the latest mobile Pentium processor.
Presario 2800 is shipping now and the price starts at $1,399.
The new Evo notebook N800 series is scheduled to be released from $1,959.
Intel released its latest mobile device on Tuesday.
This version improves the processor. M to 1.
8 GHz, from 1. 6-and 1. 7-
Pentium 4 launched the GHz cpu when it debuted as a mobile processor.
The companies involved in the Intel conference include IBM, Dell, Compaq and WinBook.
IBM offers new mobile CPUs in two of its ThinkPad laptops.
The ThinkPad A series is priced at $1,599 and is positioned as A replacement for desktops. They are user-
Configurable, but all travel weights are available from 6.
6 pounds, up to 15-
Inch TFT display.
Includes ATI graphics card and two removable drive bays.
The ThinkPad T series, which costs $2,099, is also a user-
Configurable, slightly thinner at 4.
9 pounds and 14. 1-
Inch TFT display.
Select models that support built-in
Wireless technology.
All of Compaq\'s new laptops use the new Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor
Support Compaq\'s multi-port wireless technology for mobile connectivity.
Multiple ports are available in 802.
Bluetooth or Bluetooth modules.
Presario weighs less than 5 lbs 2800.
6 pounds and measures 1. 3 inches deep.
It can move Pentium with 1 speed. 4 GHz to 1.
8 GHz with up to 60gb hard drive.
This notebook uses ATI\'s mobile Radeon 7500 graphics controller with 15-
Inch TFT display including USB 2. 0 support.
Buyers can choose multi-bay optical drive including DVD/CD-RW combo drive.
The model weight in the Evo notebook N800 series is also less than 5 lbs.
6 pounds and 1 respectively. 3 inches deep.
Notebook with new Intel Pentium 4 processor
M, speed can be selected.
Any laptop in the line can use the same dock or multi-bay optical drive.
All devices are equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics controller and support for 7 hours of dual battery operation.
The N800v series is designed for mainstream business notebook users.
The N800c series laptop is also suitable for business use, and the difference is that a combined touchpad/point stick is included.
Dell\'s Precision workstation M50 is packaged in 1. 8-
The GHz Pentium 4 processor, 256MB of memory that can be extended to 1048 MB, and a 40gb hard drive. It has a 15-
Supports inch TFT screens, modems, and Ethernet, and bundles Windows XP or Windows 2000 Professional Edition.
The M50 uses an NVidia Quadro4 500 graphics processor with 64mb of memory, as well as a graphics controller for 4X agpa.
Dell has priced the M50 at $3,599 for immediate delivery.
The cheap Inspiron 2650 is also equipped with a mobile Pentium, but is basically configured as 1. 4 GHz.
The device is equipped with 128MB of memory that can be extended to 512 MB. It has a 14. 1-
Inch display is an NVidia GeForce graphics processor with 8mb of memory, 20gb hard drive, integrated modem and built-in-
Ethernet is supported.
Buyers of Inspiron 2650 can choose 24 x CD-
RW or 8X DVD and CD-
RW combination drive for the installed drive carrier for the same price.
Toshiba\'s Tecra 9100 series notebook has been shipped with 1 since the beginning. 7-
Pentium 4 processor-GHz
M, now with 1. 8-GHz mobile CPU.
The series is designed for enterprise customers and the model has built-in-in addition to the standard SD slot-
In terms of wireless connection, there are two Wi-Fi (IEEE 802. 11b)
And a Bluetooth antenna directly embedded in the notebook cover.
The Tecra 9100 comes standard with 256MB of DDR dram and comes with 14 MB. 1-
Inch TFT display and 40gb hard drive. It weighs 5. 3 pounds.
Windows XP is pre-installed.
Toshiba Satellite 1200 has been builtin 802. 11b high-
Fast wireless connection with integrated wireless WAN.
It uses Intel 1. 2-
GHz saiyang processor, 256 MB of memory, 20 GB of hard disk, modem and Ethernet connection, 14. 1-
Inch TFT color display.
It comes with Windows XP.
The retail price of satellite 1200 is $1,399, which can be supplied immediately.
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