new mclaughlin drill tracking system includes many advanced features.

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Dtek IV [in stock]TM]
McLaughlinMfg directional tracking system. Co.
With new innovative features designed to save drilling time and increase profits.
The new Spot D Tek IV features include automatic bit compass (yaw)
Speed up drilling by eliminating demand
Anchor point by showing the operator the bit path is not consistent with his target line.
This eliminates the left/right turn. The new SIMM (
System interface measurement module
The module is a very valuable feature that not only lets you know what probe to use, but also uses 38 kHz or low interference 9.
5 kHz is also an approximate drilling depth that can be achieved without interference.
The QuickSpot display ensures precise positioning of the single point. Themenu-
The driver display is user friendly and does not require any hidden code or symbols. A back-
Upgraded custom LCD iseasy-to-
Read and easy to use in various weather conditions including night drilling. Multiple built-
Enables the new Spot D Tek IV directional tracking system to double in high gain antenna
Frequency tube and cable connection. . .
Just like buying two locators for one price! Single-
The point school accurately guarantees accurate in-depth calculation and is built inin multiple-
The range of the channel remote transmitter is over 2, 500ft.
New Expansion
The depth, steering and drilling information is passed to more than 80 feet from the probe.
Figure 4 of New Mole 【R]
The remote monitoring system provides a real-time \"drilling in progress\" screen, making the machine operator and locator a real partner in drilling operations.
The \"BIP\" system shows the progress of the actual drilling, allowing the operator to visualize the path with any underground facility.
It will be docked with several drilling planning systems on the market, including Atlas drilling planning Pro [at vermeer [TM]
, It stores 7 holes of more than 2,500.
Each, as many as 2,000 perbore documents were recorded.
A new backlight footage display allows the user to customize the View screen for drilling information and/or large-size maps only, or both, including the number and depth of rods. Eliminating the need for PCor laptops on site.
The display has Track control that can be adjusted according to all lighting conditions and used at night.
For more information about the new Spot D Tek IV drilling positioning system and the Mole Map IV remote monitoring system or our full range of unexcavated building equipment, please contact your local McLoughlin dealer orfree 800/435-9340 (864/277-5870 worldwide), fax864/235-9661, e-
Mmole @ Mighty Mole.
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Or McLaughlin, 2006.
, Greenville, SC 29605.
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