microsemi announces smartfusion design for lcd displays.

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-31
MicrosemiNasdaq: MSCC), Aliso Viejo. Calif.
A leading provider of semiconductor solutions, distinguished by power, safety, reliability and performance, announces an LCD display reference design based on the company\'s SmartFusion [for industrial and medical applications]R]
Customizable systemon-chip (cSoC).
The flexible cSoC architecture allows product developers to support a variety of LCD panel configurable options, as well as the ability to change the LCD driver functionality to support product upgrades at cost
An effective remote base.
In addition, the new platform supports open graphics library security key (OpenGL SC), an industry-
Standards related to security Development-
A key embedded display system.
Microsemi Awards
The award-winning SmartFusion cSoC integrates FPGA technology with hard arm [R]Cortex-
M3 processor and programmable analog module.
Application programming interface (API)
Running on SmartFusion\'s integrated ARM processor makes it easy for developers to create a graphical user interface (GUIs)
For standard or custom LCD display.
The LCD display reference design is partitioned on the architecture, and the calculation-intensive part of the custom display controller is implemented in SmartFusion flash
Architecture based on FPGA.
This structure allows product engineers to take advantage of the processing power of the ARM Cortex
M3 is used for key system layer control task management and algorithm execution tasks.
This includes supporting Human Interface (HMI)
Functions and various communication protocols that are commonly required in industrial and medical applications.
The LCD display reference design also features: a fully customizable LCD controller capable of driving different display panels regardless of interface, resolution or manufacturer;
LCD controller supporting timing generation, color space conversion and alpha mixing;
LCD backlight control;
Hardware acceleration is realized by FPGA structure, and the close integration of processor system and programmable logic is realized.
The LCD display portfolio of Microsemi also includes a new non-
Heat dissipation LED backlight driver for LCD TV applications.
The recently launched LX27901 is the first device to provide LED driver functions in TV based on LCD integrated power supply (LIPS)architecture.
Availability SmartFusion Display Reference Design source files and user guides are now available on www. microsemi.
Com/soc/product/solution/display/default. aspx.
About MicrosemiNasdaq: MSCC)
Providing a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor solutions for aerospace, defense and security;
Enterprises and communications;
And the medical, industrial and alternative energy markets.
Products include high
High performance, high
Reliability of hybrid simulation and RF equipment
Signal and RF integrated circuits, customizable soc, fpga and complete subsystems.
Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California.
With about 3,000 employees worldwide.
For more information, please call 949-380-
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